The Solution to damn Plantar Fasciitis?

The Solution to damn Plantar Fasciitis?

If you have plantar fasciitis and the pain won't go away, you'll want to read this.

You'll see.

I don't think you like getting up early to go to work, and even less, when you can't take a step when you get up because of the damned plantar fasciitis.

It happens.

Maybe it doesn't happen to you, but you almost certainly know someone who has suffered from it.

Well, here's an important fact.

If your plantar fasciitis is chronic, that is, there is no way to get rid of the pain, what your doctor, physio or podiatrist is going to recommend is not going to work.

Let me explain.

When you suffer from the damned (I repeat this word because it is really frustrating and painful) plantar fasciitis what they send you is:

  • Ice to reduce the inflammation
  • Rest
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Insoles

If it doesn't get better, your fasciitis is chronic and unfortunately the treatment gets worse.

In these cases, corticosteroid injections and surgery are usually prescribed.

Almost nothing.

Do you know how much an injection in the sole of the foot hurts?

And the post-operative recovery?

Weeks of pain, immobility, some crutches and lost days.

And the worst.

They inject you with corticoids or operate on you because the specialist believes that your pain is due to inflammation when in reality what is happening to you is that your plantar fascia has degenerated.

And the main cause of this is .....


What do you think happens when your big toe deviates, that is, twists inwards, towards the rest of your toes?

Apart from ugly bunions there is something else.


In particular, the blood flow to the sole of your foot is restricted because there is a cut in the lateral plantar artery.

In addition, your big toe loses strength and mobility.

((You get old earlier)).

And that's the cause.

The loss of circulation in your foot because your big toe is not straight, it's deviating.

The more deviation, the more problems and the more pain.

The pinnacle of deviation is a bunion like a ping-pong ball. Believe me, they exist.

And all this is caused by one thing.

The tightness of your nice shoes.

Wearing your toes cramped has its consequences.

Some mild, like that pain in your foot that goes away when you take off your shoes.

Others are more serious, like a bunion, metatarsalgia (oh my Queen!) or lifelong plantar fasciitis.

And these are the consequences of wearing narrow shoes.

So much for that.

You know.


And flat.

Because if you add to the narrowness the heel, the problems multiply.

Barefoot at home is the best.

On the link for walking, shopping or partying.

Don't forget.

Your health starts with your feet.

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