Minimalist footwear does not work for María because she made a mistake

Minimalist footwear does not work for María because she made a mistake

A few weeks ago Luisa sent me an audio where she talked about her possible operation for Morton's Neuroma and how the decision not to have the operation had changed her life.

If you didn't listen to it, you can do so by clicking on this link.

The thing is that after that, Maria wrote to me saying that she had not fared as well as Luisa.

And the fact is that, however similar it may seem, your case may be different.

Maria had this to say:

"I have just listened to the audio and I have similar problems to those described. I have Lems shoes and for 2 months I wore them very well, but in August my metatarsal area started to hurt and now I can wear them if I walk for a short time.

I have been wearing insoles for more than 25 years.

What could be the only reason why they haven't worked as well for me as they did for Luisa".

After talking to Maria on the phone, we came to the conclusion that her starting point was very different from Luisa's and that she had made a mistake.

She had been wearing insoles for 25 years to begin with.

25 years of using "crutches" for her feet and suddenly she takes off the crutches and wants to start running.

You see, it's not that Maria will try to run, but she went from conventional shoes and insoles, to walking more than 1 hour every day in her new Lems Primal 2.

It's like if after 25 years of couch, popcorn and Neflix, you join the gym and the first day you want to lift a barbell with 100 kilos.

It's a bad thing.

Injuries are guaranteed, you'll probably never set foot in a gym again for the rest of your life and you'll even talk bad about them.

Another thing to take into account is that Maria's feet were deformed:

Bunionette and mounted toes.

Something that we have already seen influences your health very, very much, as, among other things, it takes away circulation from your feet and this makes your recovery much slower.

Apart from this, Maria had major problems with her left foot. A physiotherapist told her that her foot was not working and prescribed exercises to get it back.

25 years of insoles, deformed toes and a foot that didn't work.

This was her background.

And that's why María didn't do as well as Luisa.

Let's see, María did some things right.

She combined the physiotherapist's exercises with barefoot walking around the house and the use of the toe corrector.

And as she was feeling very well, apart from using the Lems Primal 2 for everything, she walked for 1 hour.  

But she made a mistake.

She went faster than she should have and suffered from Too much, too fast syndrome.

Too much, too fast.

Her background called for slowing down.

Maybe instead of walking for 1 hour she would have been better off with 15 minutes and gradually increase the duration.

Or combine the insoles with the Lems.

25 years is a long time.

The moral of the story is that when your feet are badly damaged, you need patience to get them back in the right shape.

No matter how early you get up, the sun rises early.

And that you don't have to wait until your feet hurt or you can't walk to change to minimalist shoes.

It's up to you.

If you decide to change, in the links I leave you a shoe for the whole family with which you will be able to do almost everything.

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

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