How to choose footwear if you have a foot more Greek than the Parthenon

How to choose footwear if you have a foot more Greek than the Parthenon

Today I will solve in a few words a very common doubt about size.

The thing is that I was with Angel having coffee in a nearby shop.

We do it sometimes, to distract ourselves and walk around for a while.

That's what we were doing when a lorry arrived full of pigs in a cage. And of course, the comparison with the feet didn't take long to appear.

"Your feet are locked in your shoes like the pigs in the lorry, waiting to get to the slaughterhouse". Angel says.

And he comments, that despite the years, customers still have the same doubts when they have a second toe longer than the first.

This is called Greek toe or mountain toe.

In this case, the reference for measuring the foot is the second toe, the longest toe.

And if this toe rubs against your shoe, you need to go up a size or wear shoes with a last that adapts to these types of feet. Even if the big toe has more room.

What you should never do is wait for the shoe to expand with use.

Doing so can lead to claw toes, purple toenails or toe pain at the end of the day.

When customers are told this, some are hesitant:

What if I wear a size up so that the second toe doesn't rub, they asks.

There is nothing wrong with wearing a size up, as the shoes are hold to the feet by the laces.

The function of the toes is not to hold the shoe, but to spread with each step to give you stability.

But if you don't want to wear a bigger size, there are shoes with a last more similar to the shape of your foot with a Greek/mountain toe.

These shoes have a rounded or squared toe, so that the curve (from the big toe to the little toe) is maintained longer before going down.

For example, the well-known and versatile Xero Prio.

  • Wide rounded last.
  • Zero drop or without heel elevation.
  • Flexible at all angles.

And with a sole that can be used for playing basketball or going for a walk.

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo

Pd. About the types of lasts according to the type of your foot I also talked about here.

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