These very different feet are from 2 people who work in the same job

These very different feet are from 2 people who work in the same job

I'm going to show you the feet of two people who have the same job.

Of the two, one of them you know for sure, he is on TV a lot, and the other one maybe too.

When I saw the photos, one of the feet caught my attention because I expected it to be old, damaged, ugly, crumpled..., but it wasn't like that.

And that's because in his profession the footwear is not the most suitable, although he has some good things.

For example, the shoes they wear are flat.

When I say flat, I mean that they don't have a raised heel (drop).

Another positive thing is that they don't usually have lateral reinforcements.

And you even find that they are flexible and that you can bend them at various angles.

So far, so good.

The negative, or very negative, is something that is easy to see at first sight, without touching them:

The shape of their last.

They are narrow and have a pointed toe.

And this means that your toes can't spread with each stride because they inside collide with the shoe.

The consequences of a narrow shoe are more serious than they seem:

  • Bunions
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Morton's neuroma
  • Crowded toes
  • Claw toes

To name a few of the best known.

And for the profession I am talking about, it increases the risk of suffering a sprain (I explained it here) and the work that the muscles have to do, as the toes cannot spread when the foot lands on the ground.

It's as if you were wearing a girdle around your toes.

Imagine that in one stride, in two strides....

In one minute running about 180 times, and in one hour, 10,800 times.

OK, do you know what profession I'm talking about?

Look at the photos.


Same profession.

Different feet.

The one on the right is of Joaquín of Betis, the one on the left of Akapo when he played for Cádiz.

Joaquín is 41 years old, and may become the player with most matches played in La Liga.

His foot looks young, with straight toes and with the big toe perfectly aligned and even has the typical separation of the rest of the toes, which is only seen in people who spend many hours barefoot.

Maybe this explains why he can still play football despite his age.

I tell you all this because this week a colleague of his bought several pairs of shoes and toe socks.

I won't say his name, only that what he bought has a flat sole, very flexible, very wide at the toe area and only separated from the ground by a few millimetres.

Like all the footwear you can find here in the website.

Like these Vivobarefoot Novus Mid, with which you'll be able to be fashionable, without renouncing to the benefits that a pair of 100% minimalist trainers offers you.

Don't let your eyes deceive you.

They are flat, wide, without reinforcements and with a sole thickness of only 9 millimetres.

Health, also in sport, begins in the feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Ps. The player who bought at ZaMi is not Cristiano Ronaldo, although he has been seen taking care of his feet after playing aswell.


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