I want to enter your club with sneakers

I want to enter your club with sneakers

The title may be confusing, but I will explain why I have chosen it.

You've probably heard the song 'zapatillas' by Canto del Loco.

The chorus goes like this:

'I want to enter
In your club with sneakers.
Don't give me dirty looks when I pass by.
I'm tired of always the same.
The same old story and I want to change.
I feel sorry for so much nonsense.
I want a bit of normality.
But let's see, look at me and tell me...'.

Well, the other day it played on the radio while I was having coffee and it reminded me of minimalism for something similar.

And I don't mean being looked down upon.

Well, that too, but it was at the beginning, when I started, when I was running barefoot as a tool to improve running technique,

or when I was running in the monkey shoes, the Five Fingers,

or with the huarache sandals. With the tape between my toes.

And although that time has passed, it was quite a few years ago when I started with minimalism and blog correrdescalzos.com, the truth is, I never cared.

Have you heard the saying: 'Who cares what people say?'.

Well, that's just it.

What I come to tell you is that nowadays, despite the passage of time, minimalism is still confused with running.

That is to say, that minimalist shoes are only good for running.

And no, that's not it.

Running is an option, and you can do it however you want, barefoot, minimalist or cushioned.

But in your everyday life, you should only consider one option.

The only one that will allow you to continue to have baby feet, even if you are 50 years old:

  • Feet without chafing
  • No hardness
  • No bunions
  • And with toes so wide open that you could mistake your feet for your hands

And what about the satisfaction of being able to feel the tread, the terrain and the way you use your feet?

Because there are few things left that give so much pleasure without having to give up anything.

Space, air, movement, relaxation... like a walk in the mountains in spring.

That's what it's all about.

And if you're not convinced, go on with your narrow 'toe-crushing' shoes, those that when you get home, you don't throw them away because they're brand-name and they've cost you a fortune.

But know that there is an alternative.

'Calceamenta minimalist', in Latin.

A pair of shoes that Dani Martín himself would wear to get into all the trendiest clubs.

Groundies Universe.

Health always starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

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