She breaks her Achilles for running minimalist

She breaks her Achilles for running minimalist

You can use minimalist shoes, suffer from Achilles tendonitis with rupture and want to continue using minimalist shoes.

Why is that? You ask yourself.

You'll see.

If Carlos Alcaráz playing the Wimbledon final against Djokovic had injured his elbow, he wouldn't have blamed the racquet, nor would he have hit the ground with it, nor the net post.

Of course, it is not the racket's fault.

Cristina thought the same thing.

She injured her Achilles when she started running, but she didn't pay for it with her minimalist shoes.

She looked for the reason in her feet.

And maybe,

just maybe,

it was because of ....

Wearing narrow, high-heeled shoes every day for 40 years:

  • Or for not having done sport all her life
  • Or for not having the musculature of her legs and feet adapted to running
  • Or because of who knows what

And when Cristina injured her tendon, a podiatrist recommended her the usual, insoles and not to use minimalist shoes.

And I say to myself.

It's fine that she wants to temporarily protect the Achilles tendon by elevating it with a small raise.

But what does that have to do with using a wide shoe that doesn't squeeze your toes?

that's flexible, to give your feet freedom,

lightweight, so as not to hinder your movements

and with a thin sole, so that you have more stability, feel the ground and increase the circulation in your feet?

Nothing, that's what you need to see.

But since that's what they've learned, that's what they recommend.

I mean trying to solve all the problems with insoles.

That doesn't make sense.

And even less, if you use the insole in a shoe that is not minimalist, because the narrowness, the elevation of the heel and the stiffness that all shoes have already modifies your feet.

Double modification, the insole and on top of that the shoes, who is really acting?

Well, this is my opinion, do with it what you want.

And if you need a shoe so that your feet can feel, evolve and breathe, look at these Merrell shoes.

They are called Vapor Glove, their name already says what they are for your feet.

A very light and breathable glove.

And if you want to know how to make the transition to minimalist running I recommend our guide. You can download it for free here.

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

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  • Juan Manuel Rius Casals

    Juan Manuel 07/30/2023

    Soy atleta y he tenido y superado rápidamente muchas tendinitis de Aquiles. Contrariamente a lo que dicen la mayoría de los médicos, fisios y podólogos, lo mejor es no usar el alza, sino al contrario: cuanto más estirado trabaje el tendón mejor. Calzado minimalista para caminar y correr y si puede ser descalzo por la hierba, mejor. Así estiramos el músculo y el tendón y evitamos el círculo vicioso en el que evitando estirarlo propiciamos que se acorte todavía más y cualquier movimiento genera tensión e inflamación. Y muy importante estiramientos excéntricos.

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