The love-hate relationship between your big toe and the mesh of your shoes

The love-hate relationship between your big toe and the mesh of your shoes

Today I'm going to tell you about the love-hate relationship between your big toe and the mesh of your shoes.

You know that there are loves that last a lifetime, and others, which from time to time need to be mended: a trip, a romantic dinner,...

It's the same with footwear.

Look what this man says:

"These are perhaps the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

I've had them for two years, and they have so many kilometres on them that I've put holes in the soles.

I especially like the roominess of the front and the lightness of the fabric, which ventilates my feet very well.

The only thing less good: the mesh. It's so light that in a couple of spots it ripped, but I put a patch on the inside and that's it.

But again, I'm not complaining, in view of the use I've given them.

I will repeat."

Comfortable, sturdy, roomy, lightweight, breathable....


Occasionally you have to patch it up.

Not much.

To last you a lifetime or to repeat, even if the mesh breaks.

That's it.


Responsible for this relationship are Lems' most versatile shoes.

The Primal 2.


Minimalist shoes allow the big toe to move freely, activate, feel and adapt to the terrain to give you stability and responsiveness in any situation.

And that big toe movement inside can cause the mesh in your shoes to wear out over time.

If you wear a narrow shoe where your toes are close together, where they can't move, you probably won't have a problem with the mesh, but if you have a problem with your toes, you know, you won't have a problem with the mesh:

claw toes
black toenails...

...and the pain and discomfort that this causes.

The choice is yours:

  • Suffer every day the painful list above on your feet and have the shoe untouched.
  • Or have your toes healthy, strong and free of discomfort and do a patch every now and then.

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo

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2 Comentarios

  • María Isabel García Peña

    María Isabel 03/25/2024

    Mismo problema con mis lems, ya va por dos remiendos, creía que era la única con dedos gordos apuñaladores
  • Moisés Cañuelo Polo

    Moisés 11/06/2023

    Soy de la misma opinión, dicen que la moda nunca incomoda... ja. Mi futura inversión, otras LEMS. Salud y kms!

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