If you have crooked fingers DO NOT read about this customer

If you have crooked fingers DO NOT read about this customer

Two things about your feet that might interest you.

The first one is about the Correct Toes concealers. What you are about to read is the best review I have ever read about them, and in these 12 years of Zami I have read quite a few.

And not only for what she says, but for how she says it, helping other people to improve their feet.

The second thing is that as a ZaMi customer you get a 5% discount voucher.

All you have to do is leave a comment on the shoes you bought, so that other customers can learn from your experience.

This is not for everyone. Only if you are already a customer and as many don't know it, that's why I'm telling you about it.

Back to the toe corrector. The comment says:

"I recommend them whether you have bunions or not.

Because my experience has been (assuming that I have bunions and therefore a deviated big toe, and that I have worn them for 2-3 months almost all day, almost every day) that:

first, they separate your little toes and it is a pleasure (never before experienced) not to feel the toes crowded together,

secondly, if you have a not very serious bunion (e.g. the second toe is already mounted on the big toe that is very deviated) they help to improve the alignment - at least in my case - ,

and thirdly, they are super comfortable to wear, in less than a week I wore them like a glove.

The only downside is that they are expensive. I also have to say that I tried others first, for 35€, similar but... very uncomfortable and therefore 35€ was wasted.

Oh, and you have to take into account the width of your shoes, because it's not the same for the little toes alone than with separators, which always add a few millimetres, and then they don't fit inside.

I would also like to say that separators alone will probably not solve the problem of the bunion and that active exercises are key. Also that of course you get exactly what you see in the photos and ....".

So that it.


Cool as hell.

Expensive or cheap?

It's up to you.

Correct Toes, for deformed toes, claw toes, hammer toes, bunions, facistis, metatasalgia,...

Health starts with your feet

Antonio Caballo.

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