There is no point in going to the podiatrist if you don't change your shoe first

There is no point in going to the podiatrist if you don't change your shoe first

I don't know if you know this, but when minimalist footwear arrived in Spain-Europe there was no talk of bunions.

Nor was there any talk of stiff feet, or metatarsalgia, or the neuroma of mordor, spurs, etc. .....

Above all, they talked about the cushioning of the shoes and the drop or rear elevation.

The only important thing then was whether removing the cushioning from the shoes would destroy your feet.

When your feet were already pretty deformed and useless.

And the reason was because minimalism was only associated with running.

You can't even imagine the fierce debate on twitter, forums and so on, between those who supported cushioned running shoes and those of us who were starting to use minimalist shoes.

A kind of crusade to see which of the two groups was right.

what a thing!

They left aside what was really important.

The foot as a fundamental tool for our daily life.

Walking, jumping, climbing, dancing, playing with your children, walking the grandchildren or shopping with your sister.

That's why this week I'm going to tell you again something that many people already know, that hurts everyone and that few do anything about it.

Bunions are not inherited, they are caused by shoes.

Last Tuesday, I was walking down the street on my way to the bar where I have coffee with Ángel every morning, when I overheard the following conversation in front of me.

'Good morning Manolita, what are you doing here,' - said a man to an older woman who was having trouble walking and who was holding on to the arm of a younger woman.

'I'm going to the chiropodist to get my feet fixed,' - the woman replied.

'Feet are getting less and less well fixed every day', - the man replies with a laugh, and repeats it again.

What this man says may be true.

Some bunions are not very fixable, although most of them can be straightened.

And above all, those big toes that are as crooked as a pizza tower, but have not yet formed bunions, have an easy solution.



There is no point in going to the chiropodist if you don't change your shoes first.


No matter how much the podiatrist or the toe corrector can straighten your toes, it won't do you any good if your shoes don't respect the width of your feet.


And for those who still say that minimalist footwear is clownish, take a look at the new Feroz.

They have the perfect width to not modify the linearity of your toes, but with a touch that makes them more attractive.

However, if you are going to use the Toe Corrector with them on, I don't recommend them. For that, there are other wider shoes. If you can't find it ask me by wasap or phone.

Don't forget.

Health starts with your feet.

Antontio Caballo.

Pd. If you have any doubts, the phone numbers for a human to help you are: +34693714444 - 954847059.
Angel, Rafa, Josema... and myself will attend you as soon as possible.

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