I'd rather spend my money on shoes than on a podiatrist

I'd rather spend my money on shoes than on a podiatrist

First of all, the title of this post is not mine, although it could well be, but that of a customer who left a comment on Google. You can read it yourself.


The point is that I have been defending what this client says for years and I am glad that other people think like me, because you know how hard it is to go against it.

And not just people here. It never ceases to amaze me how many people from other countries visit us with the same thinking.

Last week it was an American, from Los Angeles, California.

Angel and I were having our morning coffee when Josema called us to tell us that there was a man speaking English in the shop and that he didn't understand a word of it.

When we arrived we saw a guy who looked like a backpacker, with a beanie on his head, warm, with a backpack and with the Vivobarefoot Gobi with the soles completely peeled.

He was looking for minimalist shoes on the internet and he was surprised that we sold this kind of shoes in a small town.

As he was in Seville, 30 minutes away by train, he thought he'd better go to Marchena to try some on.

While he was trying them on, Ángel asked him how an American from Los Angeles was interested in minimalist footwear, because there what predominates are Nike (naikis), Jordas,... the brand industry.

And he said that it's true, that there everybody goes with the brands, that they don't think about the health of the foot, but that he does.

After some research he decided to change his footwear, despite what his friends and the people he knew were telling him.

But he also knows that one day he can wear a pair of trainers just for fashion, but for the day to day, he wants to be comfortable, wide and with the minimum.

Just like when he goes on a trip, where he only carries a backpack and the clothes he's wearing.

Comfortable, light and with the bare minimum.

'Did he say something?'

That's why he was in Marchena.

That's why he had taken a train.

That's why he was going around the world and his friends at home, with the "naikis".

And that's why he took the Vivobarefoot Scott leather boots, because they fulfil the 3 rules of the traveller and are almost as nice as a walk in Seville.

These boots allow you to move around the city and take short walks in parks and nature trails.

And because they're made of leather, they protect you if you get caught in a little rain while travelling.

The Californian said goodbye effusively, grateful for the treatment received and with a message for reflection.

'It can't be that this type of wide shoe is not the norm'.


Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. Scott shoes are also available in Eco version here, with resistant mesh,
and for women there is a more elegant one for everyday use, the Vivobarefoot Geo Chelsea Win.

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