Partying with a celebrity in Sierra Nevada

Partying with a celebrity in Sierra Nevada

The other day a close friend of mine told me that he had been drinking beers in the Sierra Nevada with a famous person. At night.

The celebrity in question is very famous, the kind that fills football stadiums. And best of all, my friend didn't know who he was.

It went like this.

My friend had a date with a friend, who in turn had a date with another friend, who was a friend of the celebrity.

Well, they were on those silly nights, where you laugh at everything, drink beers and have a good time.

They went to another bar and on the way they started stopping the celebrity and taking photos with him. My friend, surprised, asks him: 'Hey, are you a celebrity or what?

The celebrity in question laughs, tells him who he is, and putting his index finger to his mouth says while he continues laughing: 'ssshhh, don't talk too loud and let's get another beer'.

So far so good, it can happen to anyone. You go for a drink with a stranger and after a while you find out that the guy is more famous than Coca-Cola.

Well, that's good.

Why am I telling you this?

Because identifying the things that matter in life is not always easy.

Sometimes they're right in front of you and you don't see them.

And it's not that having a drink with a famous person is very important, but it's certainly an experience that you will always remember, and that you will never stop talking about.

It's the same with feet.

They're not important, they're even starting to become important.

When they hurt, you have a bunion, a spur or the damned faschitis.

But if you don't, don't pay any attention, less than my friend the famous one.

However, when you try to go for a walk and you arrive with chafing or pain in the sole of your foot, things change.

And that's when you remember that you've seen an advert for natural trainers or something like that.

Or when you pay attention to what your partner or your friend told you about wide, flexible shoes without heels.

Because we are like that.

I am like that.

You only act when it hurts, otherwise you pass.

That's right.


All right.


The shoes in the photo are a marvel. Gleaming white leather, wide, the kind that lets you feel the ground and feel alive, and as stable as a 6-legged tripod.

They are the kind of shoes that always look good and when I see them I say: 'I'm going to buy one of these'.

The brand isn't as famous as the Naikis, but I'm telling you, they're much better for your feet.

In the next post I'm going to tell you the concept that explains why it's so difficult to change anything in your life.

I read it the other day and I liked it because it covers the different points of view.

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. I'm not going to reveal it publicly about the famous person, but if you are really curious, write me to the e-mail address in the newsletter and I'll tell you who it is.

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