Mammalinda thinks about what "we all think" and there is also a surprise

Mammalinda thinks about what "we all think" and there is also a surprise

This post has a surprise in store that I'm sure you'll like.

But first I'll tell you about Mammalinda, a woman who is mentally horny.

You will see.

Imagine that you pick up the phone, you say "say" and they answer:

'Hello my love, I'm the prettiest black girl close to you'

What would you do?

It turns out that the black girl is a nice woman, a client for years, very affectionate and a joker.

And when she calls us, she always gives us a smile and that, dear friend, is worth a lot, because smiles are in short supply.

The thing is that Juana or Mammalinda wanted to talk to Ángel and when I am giving her his phone number I say to her:

'Juana, call him and see if he'll take it.'

She responds:

'Oh, miarma! That's what I'd like, for him to pick me up. I always have my double entendre' -and she starts laughing.

'Look how much I want to joke and I have to go to the hospital now because my operated knee has turned, but that's how I am.'

Blessed condition.

I'm telling you this because a few days ago I was talking to Ruben (CTO of ZaMi) about how to eliminate shipping costs.

And although the accounts are what they are and we can't take pears from the olive tree, from now on we are going to give away the shipping costs to all ZaMi customers who buy footwear.

That way Juana will be able to have her shoes at home without adding more expenses and she won't have to wait for her son Marvin to bring them to the shop.

By the way, when she was in New York she took her Feroz Olga ballerinas with her and walked around the city as comfortably as if she were barefoot on a deserted beach.

When Mammalinda says goodbye, she does it in her own way:

'May St Michael the Archangel protect you and give you lots of little work. And to my Rafa, to everyone in the company. Kisses, good day'.

Juana, if you read this, we wish you a speedy recovery from all the team. Thank you for being the way you are. A kiss.

Health starts with your feet

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. For free shipping in Peninsula, Portugal and Balearic Islands you don't have to do anything, it is applied automatically.

The ballerinas to walk for miles and miles as if you were barefoot on a deserted beach: Feroz Olba.

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