'But what are you telling me'

'But what are you telling me'

What I'm telling you today may have happened to you at some point.

When they ask you what kind of shoes you are wearing.

It happens to me when I am introduced to someone and they ask what I do.

When I answer that I sell barefoot footwear and I explain what it is, they are surprised and make a face as if saying 'what are you talking about?'

Well, it's not always like that, some people are interested.

And do you know who are the ones who show more interest?


Those who have some pain or problem.

You know, bunions, fascitis, the damned spur or pain in the foot sole.

With them there is no problem.

But it's the 'doubters' that leave me scratching my head.

I wonder how they can't understand something so logical, so common sense.

Well, the other day I came across something that may answer my questions. It is the concept of the three I's: Ideology, Ignorance and Inertia, and I am going to apply it to our choice of footwear.

By ideology, it refers to long-held beliefs about the need for cushioned shoes, with a drop (rear elevation) and lots of support.

Some people think that more cushioning is always better, but human evolution tells us otherwise.

The less shoes, the more feet, or that what you don't use gets lost, referring to the need for our feet to feel the ground so that they can develop their full strength and functionality.

Lack of knowledge or ignorance leads us to disregard the advantages of wearing wide, flexible and flat shoes. Sometimes this lack of information is due to distorted or limited information and false myths about the need for cushioning.

Finally, inertia, that force that always pushes us in the same direction. Resistance to change. In the last 40 years, shoe design has only been about aesthetics, completely abandoning functionality, so changing to a minimalist style can seem challenging. Inertia prevents you from trying something new, even if it might improve your health and comfort.

So if you're going to wear minimalist footwear, you'll need to question the three I's:

  • embracing an ideology that values simplicity and naturalness
  • overcoming ignorance by informing yourself about the benefits of minimalist shoes
  • overcome inertia to take a liberating approach to your feet and abandon narrow shoes

In short, to walk towards a more conscious and healthy footwear experience.

A path that as many say, there is no turning back.


Don't let the focus of this post scare you, I just read about it the other day and wanted to share it with you.

The reality is simpler.

If your feet hurt, change your shoes.

The one you have is making your life miserable.

And life is wonderful.


So much so,

as the Merrell Vapor Glove 6 LTR.

A healthy shoe that makes your life possible.

For Women (here)


For Men (here)


Health so you can walk. Walk to have health.

Antonio Caballo.

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  • Antonio Fraile Metro

    Antonio Fraile 02/27/2024

    Antonio, tu reflexión me parece totalmente acertada...…¿Cómo algo tan lógico no es lo común?.
    Por otro lado, ese trio ( Ideología, Ignorancia e Inercia), no tendrá algo que ver con el "Ego": MI ideología no me la va a cambiar cualquiera.
    YO se mucho, por lo que NO CREO ser ignórate.
    En cuanto a la Inercia, cada vez es mas frecuente que solo leamos o bebamos en las fuentes donde, de antemano, ya sabemos lo que vamos a encontrar.

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