The Chef who had feet like Pedroche

The Chef who had feet like Pedroche

The other day a chef came in for some shoes.

He had toes like Pedroche before his physio Jesus Serrano (@jesus.serrano.fisio) recommended a toe corrector and wide shoes.

But the chef wasn't Daviz Muñoz, but a cook whose feet had been sore from so many hours on her feet.

The thing is that this chef wanted minimalist shoes so that her toes wouldn't be as squashed as canned sardines.


They had to meet a special requirement.

What requirement?

I'll tell you now, but first a short one.

Protecting is good.

Overprotecting is bad.

Overprotecting weakens you, makes you weak, makes you dependent.

And speaking of shoes, overprotection makes your feet lose strength, feel, bone density and flexibility.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the chef was looking for safety shoes with a steel toe cap. Misunderstood overprotection.

And the poor woman only found armatostes that weakened her aching feet even more.


Cook and steel toe cap.

I say this woman could cook even barefoot and yet these things are demanded of her.

Thank goodness we'll always have Birkenstock.

But without the stiff and bulky insoles.

Our protagonist took them out, literally threw them in the trash at the shop and put barefoot insoles in them.

Well done.

If your job also requires such footwear for your feet, I recommend these:

These are the only ones I know of that meet all safety requirements and can be called minimalist.

Don't hesitate.  

Movement gives you life.

And movement, and your health, starts with your feet.

Take care of them.

Antonio Caballo.

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