Croquettes, cousins and the MILLION-dollar question

Croquettes, cousins and the MILLION-dollar question

Last Sunday I had a family communion and I met up with cousins I hadn't seen for years, and in between bites of those croquettes they only know how to make at communions, the subject of minimalist shoes came up.

My surprise was that some of them still saw barefoot shoes exclusively as running shoes. And of course, there I was, beer in hand, trying to bring them up to speed.

The reality is that people (not you) spend their days wearing shoes that look like safes and only worry about footwear when they're out running for three or four hours a week.


All day long with their feet encased in narrow, stiff, heeled shoes, and they ask me if it's better to run in minimalist or cushioned.

You see.

Running with minimalist shoes is great because you feel agile, light and all that, but to reduce its use only to this practice is to ignore the brutal benefits it brings to your daily life, and that, dear cousin, is what many people fail to see.

With this I tell you everything, and I don't tell you anything, and I move on to the other question that can't be missing in any meeting.

Can I change to a minimalist running shoe without making the transition?


I rephrase the question with a nuance.

Can I switch to a minimalist shoe for everyday running without transitioning?

Yes, but read on.

Many people think that by simply changing shoes they have it all done.
And although this is partly true, because the beginning starts there, you have to look where you start from, because if your feet have worked less than Homer Simpson on Labour Day, don't expect a miracle.

If your feet are like that 50-year-old guy who has never lifted a weight in his life, don't expect them to look like Schwarzenegger just because one day he decides to wear barefoot shoes.

It helps, of course it helps, but it's not enough.

It's 20, 30, even 40 years in shoes that haven't let your feet work, that have made them stiff, weak and unresponsive, and you expect them to become strong, flexible and functional in the blink of an eye.

That's why my colleagues at ZaMi and I have been determined for more than a decade to make you see minimalist shoes not just as your running shoes, but as your everyday allies.

And that's why podiatrists, physiotherapists and trainers who see the foot as more than just an appendage to wear, are key to this journey of bringing your feet back to life.

That's it, and since spring is here, let me tell you about our new Zauri sandals.

Spring is not only the perfect time to renew your wardrobe, but also your spirit, and the new Zauri are here to do exactly that.

These sandals are a breath of fresh air with colours reminiscent of spring flowers, the blue of the sky and the essence of the earth we walk on.

Zauri Gaia Buganvilla
Zauri Gaia Buganvilla
Zauri Gaia Buganvilla

Imagine walking down the street or through a park with these sandals on your feet, feeling every texture of the path. That is what the new Zauri offer you: a walk through life with more style and health.

So now you know, if you want to give a touch of joy to your steps and really enjoy this spring like you should, take a look at the new Zauri.

It's not just about changing your footwear, it's about changing the way you live every day.

Watch out, they are on launch promotion with a 20% discount until next Friday 10th May.


Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

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