The Shocking Advice That Transformed a Father's Relationship with His Soccer Player Son

The Shocking Advice That Transformed a Father's Relationship with His Soccer Player Son

Last Tuesday I was sitting on the football pitch with my friend Victor, watching our sons train, when he told me something that will surely make you think. According to what he told me, from "that moment" he changed the way he dealt with his son.

You'll see.

Victor has two children who play football: his eldest daughter competes in a women's 11-a-side football team and his youngest son in 7-a-side football.

One day, their games overlapped for a few minutes. Victor, who coaches his daughter's team, saw his team playing very badly and losing by a landslide.

After the match, he went to watch his son, who plays as goalkeeper, and stood behind the goal, which is common for parents whose children play in that position.

He told me that all the build-up to his daughter's game he blurted out, but not in a negative way; he was simply advising his son on how to position himself, what to do on each play and so on.

They are typical "radio parents", narrating everything that happens during the game.

Next to him there were three children watching the match and during half-time, one of them turned to Victor and said:

"Can I tell you something?"

Victor was taken aback and said yes.

"Stop talking to him, you're making him nervous and you're putting more pressure on him."

Victor, shocked by the boy's words, thanked him and went to the bench to talk to his son.

When he arrived, he said: "Son, I'm sorry for my behaviour. From now on, I will say no more to you. Play as you know how and enjoy yourself".

"And until today, Antonio," he says to me.

Why am I telling you this?

Because just as the boy's advice made Victor reflect on how to treat his son, you should reflect on the kind of shoes you put on your children.

Many parents don't realise that, just as external pressures affect their performance, inappropriate footwear has a negative impact on their feet.

A child who wears narrow, stiff, rear-elevated shoes will experience problems such as pain, discomfort, and even deformities in the long run.

That's why it's essential that you pay attention to the signals your child may give you, sometimes non-verbally, as happened to Victor, and sometimes more overtly, such as changes in their gait or complaints of pain after they finish playing at the park or during a game.

And speaking of unnecessary pressure: have you thought about what they will be wearing on their feet this summer?

You see, if you want your kids to run free, without the weight of conventional shoes, happy... I'm going to recommend something that will change their lives.

Imagine your children playing for hours and hours, exploring the world, with a smile on their face. From the sea to the beach, from the swimming pool to the football pitch, with a racket in their hands or on top of a swing. Running non-stop, with no worries or hassles.

Because don't be fooled, it's not just about shoes, it's about investing in the health and future of your children.


Vivobarefoot Ultra Bloom Kids:

These summer shoes are like giving their feet wings, allowing them to move as freely as they would barefoot on a deserted beach.

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

P.S. Same feeling for you here: Vivobarefoot Ultra women's and men's.

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