The man who Couldn't choose shoes

The man who Couldn't choose shoes

Well, today I tell you about a situation in the shop that got tense and left a bad taste in my mouth. It's the story of Manuel, an older, retired man from the village, and his wife.

I've always known him from seeing him here and there. When I pass him, he always says hello and he is one of those men who always says hello with a smile. He has that gift that you are either born with or you are screwed for life.

Manuel has spent his life among scaffolding and concrete, with safety shoes that look more like safes. And of course, so much narrowness, so much rigidity and so many years do not pass in vain.

Manuel has a bunion and his feet are deformed into a pointed toe.

Days ago he visited us on his own, after his wife saw a mention of the shop on local television.

He said:

"I came because my wife saw you on TV and she says you sell custom-made shoes or something.

But I came without her knowing, because otherwise she's going to pick out shoes that she likes, but I'm the one who's going to wear them.

That's why I came earlier, to try on a few and this afternoon I'm coming with her".

After a while where he tries on several models, his comments are: "how roomy, how comfortable, how nice".

When he returns in the afternoon with his wife, the show begins.

She has a serious face, with a worried look on her face. Manuel, on the contrary, relaxed, smiling, like a child who goes to buy sweets at the newsagent's.

Black and white.

Muffled and minimalist.

Manuel, excited, tried on the shoes he had chosen in the morning, but she was not in favour: "That's for kids, you look awful, you're too old for those shoes".

He tried to defend his choice: "Why can't I wear these? My feet hurt," as he tried on the Lems Chillum, a youthful and fresh model that he had liked from the start.

But she wouldn't get off the donkey. "No, no and no. You don't wear that". And between one model and the next, Manuel's face was changing. From illusion to resignation, all in one afternoon.

Finally, after a long time, Manuel gave up. "I'm very sorry, but my wife is in charge".

His face showed abandonment, sadness and even pain.

He simply wanted shoes that wouldn't hurt his feet and she was concerned with aesthetics.


Nearing 80 years of age and she is still worried about what people will say.

Poor Manuel.

Sometimes I meet him, walking slowly, shuffling his feet. He greets me as always, with a smile, and then bows his head, looking down at his feet.

Manuel is a fighter, has been all his life. He walks even though his feet hurt. He knows that the day he stops, his end will be near. He knows it, nobody has told him, not his wife, not any doctor.

And I think, how ironic, isn't it? A whole life bossing around construction sites and in the end, he can't even choose the shoes he wears.

And that's the way life is. Sometimes you do things you don't want to do. You go to places you don't want to be. You wear clothes you don't want to wear.

So, for all the Manueles or Manuelas in the world: don't let them tell you what shoes to wear.

Minimalist shoes are not a style choice; they are a necessity for those like Manuel, who seek relief and natural support for their feet.

Lems Chillum, the model Manuel longed for and couldn't have.

Health starts with your feet, don't forget that.

Antonio Caballo

PS: Why are Lems Chillum the perfect choice for you?

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So dare to defy expectations and rediscover the pleasure of walking freely and without pain.

Foot pain? Forget about it. Lems Chillum.

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