News Pies Sucios 2018 for the mountain: Nunche 4 and Stone

News Pies Sucios 2018 for the mountain: Nunche 4 and Stone

The minimalist sandals brand Pies Sucios launches two trail huaraches for 2018. In addition to the Pies Sucios Terra, indicated for technical and multi-purpose roads, this year we can also enjoy the Pies Sucios Nunche 4 and the Pies Sucios Stone. Both are vegan and maintain the identity stamp of huaraches Pies Sucios , with the footbed of Cromtex and its PS-Click fit system.

Sandals Pies Sucios Nunche 4

It is an update of the Nunche 3 and retains all its minimalist features. They still have a reduced weight, only 145 grams in size 42 and the same sole thickness is 11 millimeters, which keeps an excellent balance between proprioception and protection, between feeling the ground and feeling safe against stones and irregularities in the terrain. The most substantial change is found in the drawing of the sole. In this case, the Pies Sucios Nunche 4 rescues the sole lugs of its genuine version that provided excellent grip on technical roads and in the mountains.

huarache de trail Pies Sucios Nunche 4

Sandals Pies Sucios Stone

The new huarache of Pies Sucios has been designed for ultratrail, long distance and the most stony and abrupt roads. It has the highest stack height in the collection of Sandals Pies Sucios, are 14 millimeters with aggressive lugs of 4 mm of height. Its weight is very light, only 105 grams, which makes it the lightest mountain sandals on the market, and that considering that they offer great protection with its 14 millimeters .

This combination of stack height and lightness makes them super comfortable sandals, ready to wear for many hours either on the most technical roads or casual.

huarache montaña y trail Pies Sucios Stone

Comparative table between Pies Sucios Nunche 4 and Pies Sucios Stone

Nunche 4Stone
Stack Height (mm)1114
Composite SoleVibram high densityVibram
UseTrail and Off RoadUltra trail and Casual
Weight (grams)145105
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