The Best and Only Minimalist Shoes to Wear Tag

The Best and Only Minimalist Shoes to Wear Tag

You came to the world of minimalist shoes because you wanted to improve the joint health of your feet, and extrapolating legs, or because you wanted to improve the running technique and your hyper-cushioned shoes made it difficult for you, or perhaps because of the simple and important question of using a shoe that will adapt to the foot and not vice versa.

At first, you thought that you would only use this footwear for walking and / or running, but soon you realized that in all sports activities you should wear minimalist footwear. So you also included it in your strength sessions, crossfit, personal training, paddle, etc. Then you wanted to strapolate it to your day to day, and you had no problems doing it either. When visiting ZaMi you always found casual shoes adapted to your daily needs. But the day of the important event arrived, perhaps your wedding, the defense of a master's thesis, the communion of your son, etc. And here we made it difficult for you, until today.

From now on when you decide to wear etiquette:

  • Your feet will feel free and comfortable
  • No scratches, calluses or blisters will come out
  • You'll enjoy wearing shoes with suits again

Do you want a minimalist shoe to wear with a suit?

We present to you the best and only timeless minimalist shoes that you can wear in formal and informal situations.

Vivobarefoot Lisbon

Lisbon is a luxury shoe, exclusive and limited, handmade in Portugal. Only first quality materials have been used in its manufacture, such as Sachetton polished leather, and a patented V-London sole, formed of a superfine, lightweight and incredibly durable compound for maximum sensory clarity under the feet.

Vivobarefoot Lisbon

It is a pure minimalist shoe, with enough toe width, drop 0 and high flexibility. Designed for you to enjoy the comfort of barefoot in the most elegant events.

Vivobarefoot Porto Rocker

Porto Rocker is a minimalist dress shoe with characteristics similar to the Vivobarefoot Lisbon, although less flexible. They are handmade in Portugal with high quality leather tanned to the vegetable. Its sole is the same as in Lisbon, the V-London, so that your feet get stronger while you feel the ground. Made of TPU and PRO5, it is ultra-thin and is 5 times more resistant to perforation than a standard sole of the same thickness.

Vivobarefoot Porto Rocker Low

Wide and versatile. You can use it with multiple outfits and situations, and they will provide you with timeless comfort at all times.

Lems Nine2Five

The Nine2five Lems are a pure minimalist footwear that allows the foot to develop muscle and recover the correct biomechanics of its movements. The upper part is made of high quality leather, and the sole is made of a single piece of injected rubber, with a total thickness of 9 mm. This thickness allows optimal protection while interfering with just enough to lose minimal proprioception.

Lems Nine2five

With drop 0, light, very flexible and a wide last that allows the expansion of the fingers when walking. Lems oxford minimalist that will make your everyday life more bearable.

Carets ZETONE Plain-Toe

The American brand born through crowdfunding 7 years ago, manufactures high quality shoes that respects the aesthetics and fundamentals of minimalist footwear. One of its attractions is the exclusive design of the sole, with a false heel that allows a classic look and gets confused with a dress shoe. But they are flat shoes, 0 drop or no height difference between the back and front of the sole. As a final result, you can wear a traditional-looking shoe, but with a minimalist spirit. Its interior is relatively wide, despite a narrow conical-shaped appearance, and the sole assembly has a thickness of 9 mm with different layers that provide flexibility, durability and comfort.

Zapatos Carets ZETONE

The ZETONE Carets is a minimalist timeless shoe, which you can wear with multiple outfits. As it says in its slogan: More than a shoe. Perfect in postural alignment and appearance.

To purchase the Carets shoes at a good discount, please contact our service Customer service.

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