Do you know JOE-NIMBLE? The best pure minimalist shoes

Do you know JOE-NIMBLE? The best pure minimalist shoes

Hand-stitched seams, high quality materials, anatomical last... and also: comfortable, flexible and resistant to the passage of time. Joe Nimble arrives, the new brand of minimalist footwear already available at ZaMi.es. We tell you everything about it.

The Joe Nimble brand was born from Sebastian Baer's hand more than 35 years ago as a result of something, in principle, very simple: he was not comfortable with the shoes he was wearing; in fact, they were hurting him. That's why he tried different shoes and brands at that time but none of them answered what he was looking for.

The problem lay in the stiffness and tightness of the last of his shoes, key elements that were hindering the natural movement of his feet. The result was a shoe that respected the anatomy of the foot, flexible, flat and allowing contact with the ground. This gave rise to the concept known asToeFreedom®:

Just as the roots of a tree adapt to the shape of the container they are in, the shape of the foot adapts its shape to its "container".

But it’s not all bad news. Inherent adaptability means that distorted shoe-shaped feet can be reversed. Just like tree roots, the human foot will begin to recover natural form and function if given space to grow.

Horma ancha para los dedos para mayor estabilidad y equilibrio del cuerpo

It's been 35 years, but for Joe Nimble feet are still the most important parts of the body. If the feet don't move and function naturally, the body can't function properly.

It is strange that after so much time the problem persists and most of the modern footwear that we find in shoe shops continues to damage the feet of children and adults.

Joe Nimble in collaboration with Lee Saxby

Lee Saxby is one of the most recognized trainers worldwide for his knowledge of running technique. Over the past 15 years Lee has been a key figure in the revolution of the natural movement, minimalism and barefoot, and has been consulted by several footwear companies, university research projects and injured athletes for his ability to diagnose and correct biomechanical problems. Best-selling author Chris McDougall (Born to Run) as well as Harvard professor Dan Liebermann were able to regain their natural athletic abilities thanks to Lee's training methods.

Lee works closely with Joe Nimble, developing innovative and holistic movement concepts. You can get to know him a little better in the following video.


From the countryside to the city through training and running. Joe Nimble's minimalist shoe collection covers all the moments when you need to wear a healthy shoe for your feet. Starting from the day to day, to go to work or walk around the city, to great walks in the country and running in popular and mountain trips.

1. RelaxToes Leather

This is Joe Nimble's most versatile casual shoe, the 3 in 1 of minimalism. If you are looking for a minimalist off-road shoe, the RelaxToes is your ideal model. Its retro-sports design combines perfectly with many situations, and its Nimble Vibram sole of 4 mm will allow you to feel the floor while you feel comfortable and protected. It also features a removable 4mm Bioactive insole so you can customize your fit to feel more of the ground or be more protected.

calzado casual minimalista de alta comodidad calidad y durabilidad

2. BizToes Leather

This is without a doubt Joe Nimble's most elegant minimalist shoe. It's perfect for work (it goes perfectly with a blazer and even a suit with a tie), walking around town or going out dancing (closer to the ground = more balance). It also combines a very high quality leather finish with the 4 mm thick Joe Nimble City rubber sole. It also incorporates a removable Joe Nimble Business insole specially designed for long standing. Its outer skin is water-repellent and protects from gentle rain. It has it all: elegant, comfortable and minimalist... try them and you won't be able to take them off! Pure delight.

zapato elegante minimalista, comodo y propioceptivo

3. NimbleToes

This was the first shoe that Lee Saxby helped design and the result could not be more impressive for the feet. When you put them on, you feel like that's what your feet were looking for: space, comfort, stability and agility. All this combined with a high mechanical resistance and very breathable mesh, a secure fit system and a multi-functional Vibram sole that provides everything you need to train hard, jump, run or just walk around. Lee is very proud of them and we assure you that we also :)

zapatilla minimalista pura multiuso de alta calidad

4. NimbleToes Trail

We arrived at the last one, the one that will take you to the mountain: the NimbleToes Trail. This model is based on the same concept as the NimbreToes we have just talked about (space, comfort, agility) but it will take you even further thanks to its Vibram Terrain sole that provides an incredible grip and traction on the rugged terrain. Just where you need more safety and confidence with every step.

These NimbleToes Trail will allow your toes to expand, your foot muscles to strengthen and you to re-establish the important neuromuscular connection between the brain and the big toe, between mind and body, between you and nature. Don't be normal, be natural. Be Nimble!

zapatilla minimalista pura de trail

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