JoeNimble Trail vs Primus Trail

JoeNimble Trail vs Primus Trail

You've probably been wearing minimalist shoes for a while. You feel comfortable walking and running in your day-to-day life but you're always looking for that little bit more. That next step that allows your feet to take you to the next level. But usually when the terrain is more demanding the shoes tend to protect them more.

And you don't want that. You want to have a total barefoot experience, go with the "least amount of baggage" while walking, running, climbing and descending roads and mountains. You could say you're looking for a full connection to the terrain.

Don't worry, I understand. It's the same with me. That's why I'm going to take the two most minimalist trail shoes available today and compare them.

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG vs JoeNimble Nimbletoes Trail

What do you get out of each one? Stay and we'll find out together.

Let's start by parts:

1. Upper

  • JN Nimbletoes Trail: Fully textile microfiber upper for breathability and excellent fit. The shoe is attached to the foot.
  • VB Primus Trail FG: upper made up of several layers that provide lightness, high breathability and heat-sealed TPU strips for greater protection against knocks and stones.

Primus Trail Joe NimblePrimus Trail Joe Nimble

2. Flexibilty

  • JN Nimbletoes Trail: Very high flexibility thanks to the all-textile upper without elements. Very lightweight.
  • VB Primus Trail FG: Highly flexible. As it has elements that give protection, the flexibility compared to the Joe Nimble is a little less.

3. Shoe Shape

Both have a wide shoe shape that is so characteristic of Vivobarefoot for correct finger expansion.

Joe Nimble Primus Trail

4. Sole

First of all it must be said that both soles are of high quality, are very tested and made for the same use: roads, trails and mountains.

  • JN Nimbletoes Trail: Vibram® Terrain sole 6mm in total. The ground signals pass to the foot in a more direct way. You get traction and feel more.
  • VB Primus Trail FG: 8mm Vivobarefoot sole. Unlike the Joe Nimble, the Primus Trail FG sole rises from the sides providing greater protection and traction around the perimeter of the shoe.

Joe Nimble Primus Trail

5. Weight

Here the above data makes sense. The Primus Trail FG weighs a bit more (approx. 60g more) than the Joe Nimble as it has more materials and elements in its construction than the NimbleToes Trail.


The Joe Nimble is lighter, more flexible and more pleasant on the foot. All thanks to its all-textile upper and thinner sole, so the barefoot feeling is greater.

The Primus Trail, on the other hand, weighs a little more, is a little less flexible but offers greater protection from the elements, stones and blows.

Primus Trail FG Vivobarefoot

After this you know these two great shoes better. If you had to take a test, you'd be more than passed.

But you keep asking yourself, which one do I choose? Which one is better for me?

The first thing to say is that they are both great and 100% recommendable but the difference is in the terrain where you are going to move.

Case 1: If you go to lands or mountains with a lot of loose stones or other elements that can impact with the shoe (dry vegetation, branches, etc), it is quite clear: you need protection. Choose the Primus Trail.

Case 2: If on the other hand you go to a terrain or mountain where you need traction (but you don't need that protection) and you want to live a maximum minimalist experience choose the Joe Nimble, you will feel your feet freer and lighter.

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