Como un niño con zapatos nuevos

Como un niño con zapatos nuevos


Time to walk, run or enjoy morning walks in the sunrise breeze.

7:30 in the morning. The alarm clock rings.

My friends are waiting to go for a run.

I'm in a hurry at 40.

I have to make up for lost time.

I've left so much behind! I don't know where to start.

Running! That's the way. It's easy, everybody does it.

Look at my feet.

Claw toes.

Very pronounced bridge.

Beginning of bunion.

They are the base, the ones that support the rest of the structure that allows my movement. If they wobble, the rest of my body wobbles with them.

Then the pains will come. Knee. Hip. Back.

Who am I kidding? Running?

I look down, and I look at them again, not wanting to. With my eyes half open.

They look like marble. Stiff, lifeless, like a porcelain doll's feet.

There's no rush. I repeat myself over and over, but I can't stop the momentum.

I'm running out of time. I want it today, now!

But they don't understand rush, only adaptation, reactivation, feeling.

Where to start?

Walk, barefoot.

Take away all pressure, all oppression.

Feel again, experiment with them. Listen to what they tell you.

Fresh, rough, dirty, wet, warm to the touch.

Touch them.

Like the first time. Like a child with new shoes.

Ufff.... what a feeling!

Reactivation of the feet

The following video was recorded during the confinement and was published in different posts on the zami_es. instagram.

Now the different parts have been joined together in a mini guide with exercises, with the aim that the feet recover all the flexibility, strength and proprioception with which nature endowed them.

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