Just see how evolution continues on its way

Just see how evolution continues on its way

A group of children of 6 and 7 years old are in an indoor football field.
The floor is cement.

Five in total. Three with shoes,
two barefoot.

They were arguing about a remote-controlled car.
They were running, pushing each other. No bad feelings. It's just some kind of game.

One in a flip-flop (not tied by the heel) cannot run. He leans forward dragging his feet. To avoid losing the flip-flops.

He carries his back arched. With the lower back zone very pronounced.

The owner of the car who is wearing shoes puts himself in front of one barefoot and they face one to the other. The one wearing shoes is taller and the barefoot person points to his flip-flops.
As giving him an advise.

They continue playing until the two barefoot children finally take the car.

They have playing that one drives it and the other has to run after the car to catch it.

It's good to see him running. It seems he is floating in the air. With energy.

Straight, with a wide stride, but the foot lands under the body. The whole leg cushions.

The one who runs after the car bends down to catch it. He tries once, he fails.
He goes on and fails again, until the third time he catch it.
He lifts the car up, the wheels are still turning.

The child's smile says it all.

It was as he had caught a prey.
Tonight there will be dinner.

'The evolution in our days'.

When they get tired, they go to a sandbox and keep playing. They continue barefoot.

We run with electrical apps.
We use cushioned shoes.
We eat plasticized food.

When we see these children running barefoot, playing like what they are, children, without screens, or mobiles...
I have smiled too.

Minimalist shoes respect what Evolution has created during
thousands of years.

Wear minimalist shoes that fit your foot.
Do not adapt children's feet to shoes.

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