Do my feet hurt? What do you recommend?

Do my feet hurt? What do you recommend?

We see it very often, almost daily. Both Angel and I have been answering the same question for years.

The causes and situations may vary, but it ends in the same question.

Today I let you know about the Manuela's case to you. She's between 65 and 70 years old.
She has a strong pain in the sole of her foot. In the area of her toes, between 2th and 3th.

She says she has a Morton's Neuroma. Diagnosed by a chiropodist.

She has come recommended by her son. He has been looking for a solution to her mother's pain for long time.

The woman enters with suspicious. Looking at all the shoes on the shelves.

She turns to her feet and asks:

    ⁃ Don't you have anything like this?

She points to a pair of shiny leather shoes with a spiky shape.

The shoe is so small that it looks like she had to roll up her foot to put it inside.

I explain to her why the shoe she is wearing has deformed his foot, the origin of his pain.

And also the benefits of the minimalist shoe, which it is the opposite of what he is wearing.

The woman seems to understand it, but she leaves me with a stressed-out face when she asks:

    ⁃ And like this you have nothing? I want her to wear a little bit of heel.

She doesn't want shoes with drop 0.

And back to the beginning.

Manuela doesn't want to see that if you wear narrow, high-heeled shoes, the pressure on the toe area will be greater, increasing the pain in the damaged area.

She says goodbye and leave.

It happens sometimes, although they are a very few.

They prefer the aesthetics of the shoe, with its heel, its toe finish and its tightness in the toe area, to the health of the foot.

They say that 'to show off you have to suffer', and so much.

There is also the opposite case, like Ramon.

He doesn't care about the colour, model or even the price.

He's just looking for a shoe that is comfortable and doesn't hurt his knees or feet.

    ⁃ Ramón, you have come to what will be your favourite shop. Sit down and I'll explain.

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