The combination of José Manuel who saved his battered feet

The combination of José Manuel who saved his battered feet

Imagine that you are 45 years old, you live in Asturias, Spain, and you like to walk, do some exercise and run occasionally.

Up to here everything is normal.

Now imagine that your ankles are bent inwards, that your big toe is twisted and your knees and hips hurt.

After running you have discomfort in your feet.
And when walk you are hunched over.

Without energy.

As this is not normal,
You visit the doctor and he tells that the discomfort of the knee and hip may be the beginning of osteoarthritis.

In your head it resonates:
'I'm only 45 years old! I am in the prime of my life.'

- And this lack of energy? you ask to yourself.

⁃ I do not know. There would be many reasons. You're allergic to the same thing.

This happened to José Manuel.

His aches and pains, makes him not giving up; and he keeps looking for the origin of his problems.

Six months ago he asked us for advice on how to change to minimalist shoes.

He starts with the best shoe to change into: Lems Primal 2.

He wears them with his toe corrector.

He does barefoot exercises: squats, walks on tiptoes, fans with his fingers and even push-ups.

Always with his toes correctors.

He works, walks or goes shopping with his Primal 2 on.
His inseparable friend.

Or barefoot or with the Lems.

What is the result?

The phone rings.

An affable and calm voice asks about a waterproof boots, the Lems Boulder Waterproof.

It's José Manuel. And he tells us what you have just read.

And he goes on.

Because he goes further.

He says that his life has changed.

His legs are straight. He notices that the clothes fit him better.

And the sensations...

This is where you notice, even in the distance, the smile in his face.
We are hundreds of miles away but her passion is conveyed in every word.

There is a sentence that summarizes what José Manuel has just experienced:

The minimalists comes because of the injuries and stay for the sensations.

José Manuel is not an isolated case, there are many of us who have felt these same sensations.

What makes him different is that he has added exercises to the minimalist shoes to reactivate the feet and fix them.

He has even used a temporary prosthesis to encourage the alignment of his toes: the correct toes.

Minimalist footwear alone doesn't make miracles, it prevents discomfort goes further, or the toes from being squeezed like canned sardines.

But if you add specific foot exercises to their characteristics, the result can be greater than expected.

The body has a great capacity for recovery.

Take advantage of it.

If something happen to you similar to José Manuel case, the Lems Primal 2 is the best option.

It offers the perfect balance between protecting the foot and feeling where you step without losing comfort.

Combine them with exercises and the result will arrive sooner than expected.

Health starts with your feet.

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  • Jose Soler Muniesa

    Jose Soler Muniesa 10/09/2020

    Hola, yo tambien estoy iniciandome. Adquirí unas merrel overhoul pero no estoy muy contento. Ha copiado la forma de mi pie (arco anterior inverso) y se han desgastado mucho por el centro en muy poco tiempo. Sin embargo tras dos meses usando unas sandalias enix estoy encantado.
    ¿Que tipo de ejercios recomendais? (sentadillas?)
    ¿que zapato casual recomendariais para el dia a dia?

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