The shoes that Steve Jobs would wear if he introduced the iPhone 13

The shoes that Steve Jobs would wear if he introduced the iPhone 13

When someone leaves us forever, we only have the memory to keep it in mind.

And it is curious, because that memory is usually unique.

An image that, like a flash, is repeated over and over again.

Death, the intimate friend of life, gives us that memory forever.

The photo of Steve Jobs sitting in his house, on the wooden floor, barefoot and in the dim light of a floor lamp, brings to mind the genius of simplicity.

Those who know his life will know about his style without frills.

From his youth, influenced by Zen philosophy, to his maturity, with the creation of products unique in style and simplicity, they are a clear example of the most austere minimalism.

For him, the simplicity of things took precedence over other attributes.

'Take off what is left over and leave only the essence'

A rule that led him to all aspects of his life.

For example, in shoes.

When he went to university he walked barefoot and when it snowed he wore sandals.

For Steve, shoes were a impediment and he took the maxim of minimalism to situations where no one else would have done it.

Many times we have repeated:

'Minimalists come for the injuries and stay for the sensations'

A phrase that could have been told by him.

Something similar was happening to his clothes.

He started to dress in the same style every day.

With the clothes he felt comfortable with.

He says that this saved him time and he could be more productive.

That's why when I was talking to Ángel about Jobs the other day, we both knew that his shoes would be light, simple and would have minimal influence on his feet.

Above popular brands and formalisms.

A shoe that would make him feel the same as when you pick up an iPhone.

Feel the softness of its curves and the touch of its side buttons.

How its shape fits perfectly in your hand, letting your fingers flow freely over the screen.

Its tremendous simplicity and low weight.

No matter where you look at it. Everything is where it should be and what is not, is not.

Nothing seems to have changed in your body. But you know that you now have a whole universe in your hand.



And extremely functional.

Like Joe-Nimble's PrimesToes.

Its delicate lines are clean and its curves are simple.

It looks robust, but it is extremely flexible.


When you see it you can almost feel its softness in your feet.

And when you put them on, it's confirmed.

The feeling is like the iPhone in your pocket. You don't notice it, but you know it's there.

Nothing is left over. Nothing is missing.

Elegant, simple and extremely functional.

Like the iPhone.

Like your foot.

Simplify yourself.

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