Did you like Robocop? Then you will love this

Did you like Robocop? Then you will love this

This looks like the future, but it is a present from thousands of years ago.

When man has wanted to solve a technical or design problem he has looked around.

Nature has always been an inspiration to us.

The design for the improved aerodynamics of the Japanese bullet train is based on a bird with a long and slender beak, the Martin Pescador.

And on the skin of the shark, the high competition swimming costumes to decrease the resistance to movement in the water.

Why is man inspired by nature?


Because it has been perfected with the best quality system that exists: Evolution.

Millions of years of evolution.

That is why the following video surprises me.

For once, man looks at himself to take the next step towards a future drawn a thousand times over.

More than 15 years ago, in a well-known athletics shop in Madrid, I was told that man has to wear cushioned shoes to run because his foot is not perfect.

And now, on seeing the Boston Dynamics robots dance, I wonder how such imperfection has inspired such a marvel.

Have you noticed the white robot with two legs and two arms?

My goodness!

How it moves!

180º turns? A fully functional hip working in unison with the upper part of the trunk.


If I didn't see the wires and nuts, I'd think there was a person inside.

Now humans are the "nature" that inspires the design of agile robots.

Why can the robot stand?
Because it has two wide platforms that give it stability, like human feet, which are also wide.

When the robot jumps, how does it cushion the fall?
With a structure that flexes in different parts.

Like our legs, which can also be flexed in three large areas.

That is its cushioning. It doesn't need anything else.

You don't have to wear cushioned shoes, which in the case of heavy robots should be hyper-cushioned, right?

What about you? Why can you jump?

Because your foot, ankle, knee and hip work as a one.
Like an intelligent shock absorber.

And yet, we who have been designed by evolution to walk and run on two legs, add heels and cushions under our feet.

I don't know where in nature we have seen such a thing.

We think that if we don't wear the cushioned shoes we will get injured.

This is as absurd as thinking that birds will get injuried for flying.

Only a thing differentiates us.

A big one, though.

The amount of movement.

They are almost always flying and we are almost always sitting down.

That is the problem. In the amount and variety of movement.

And if you want to solve it by adding heavy, rigid and narrow structures at your feet, the only thing you will get is to move like a robot.

But not like the one in the video. It moves better than many humans.

But as Robocop style.

To move like a human move more and not limit where the movement starts: at your feet.

Wear them barefoot and when it rains or gets cold, keep them warm, but with light, flexible and flat shoes.

Like these boots below.

For walking, working or everyday use:

To move around on roads and in the mountains:

For children

#Health starts at your feet.

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