What changed Julia's life

What changed Julia's life

What Julia did to change her everyday life is simple, although for many people may seem complex.
I remembered her because of my aunt, with whom I was last Sunday at a family member's first communion celebration.

She was telling me that at almost 70 years of age she has signed up for adult education.

She doesn't want to get a degree, just to spend some time with her friends and learn something.

She says that when she writes she often has spelling mistakes and that she eats all the final 's'.

It must run in the family, because despite many years of schooling, the same thing happens to me. Thank goodness there are spellcheckers.

After laughing at the way we write, she told me that one of her weekly routines is to go out with her friends every morning and that reminded me of this week's protagonist.

Julia's case.

When Julia goes for a walk with her friends she says she goes 'like a bullet'.

Very fast.

At the age of 60 she walks the distance from Mijas to Fuengirola every day.

Go and back.

Before she used to go by bus, but since she decided to make a small change she walks.

Every day she waits for the arrival of the evening.

It is her moment of relaxation.

As well as walking with her friends, they talk about things. They tell each other about their grandchildren's latest idea, about the vaccine for the Covid and about how much the electricity bill has gone up.

She feels very well, agile and light.

She has never felt so comfortable walking before.

It's as if she were going back to her childhood, when her feet didn't weigh her down. And she spent all day in the street, running up and down.

She says she walks with her spine straight.

With her eyes straight ahead, and more sure of herself.

She doesn't look at the ground and is no longer afraid of falling.

And of course, she doesn't use a walking stick or a zimmer frame.

And all because of a small change:

She decided to free her feet.

He removed the stiffness, the narrowness and the heel.

To make them more flexible, wider and more stable.

So that they would behave like feet and not like shod hooves, trapped between nails and iron.

Now she always walks in minimalist/barefoot shoes.

It has been a real discovery for her.

In the 21st century.

The year 2021.

Julia discovers her feet.

And it has changed her life.

She keeps talking.

She says she reads all the Sunday articles.

"It is true that there are many foot problems!"

I love the way she says things.

He speaks with ease, with sparkle.

Her passion is contagious.

So much so that she has half her family wearing minimalist shoes. She buys them herself.

She waits for the beginning of every month.

She says that when it comes to health, you can't look at the penny.

And all for a small change.

Just one.



And walk.

Every day.

Julia's change: Xero Shoes Colorado.

Health starts in your feet.

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  • Carlos Gustavo Martín Pérez

    Carlos Gustavo Martín Pérez 06/20/2021

    Que bueno leerte cada domingo.
    Y las historias que cuentas. Me alegra mucho que haya gente que mejore su vida comenzando por sus pies.

    Un abrazo!

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