How to avoid slanted ankles and feet

How to avoid slanted ankles and feet

If your ankles tilt when you walk or your shoes are very worn out at the heel, you should know what I'm going to tell you today.

The thing is that these days there are a lot of people in the street and it is normal to see how the feet lean to one side when they walk.

Mostly towards the inside, although it also happens towards the outside.

And it doesn't only happen to people who wear high heels.

It also happens to people who wear soft rubber shoes.

The foam gives way quickly with excessive ankle movement, deforming the shoes.

Why does this happen?

When walking barefoot or in flat shoes with a small sole, your foot lands on the ground at the heel, and the heel moves to one side or the other to accommodate the terrain.

This natural ability to absorb impact (when walking, mind you) is altered when you wear shoes with thick soles or heels.

In other words, if your foot is far from the ground, your heel cannot adapt to it.

And another thing that happens is that it increases the roll of your ankles in both directions, which can lead to foot whiplash or ankle sprain.

This is influenced by two things:

The height your foot is off the ground. The higher you are off the ground, the more twisting you do.

How weak your ankles are. Feeling the ground when you walk makes them stronger, not feeling it makes them weaker.

This may not be your case, but if it is not, you surely know someone who suffers from recurrent sprains, who has very weak ankles or who has very little balance.

In any case, I recommend two things.

The first is that you wear flat, wide, thin shoes.

By thin, I mean the thickness of the sole. As thin as is comfortable for you.

And the more you wear it, the more benefits. More balance, more stability.

The relationship is direct and increases with each day.

The second thing is to exercise your feet and ankles with an unstable platform.

Specifically with the Pieslaster. This platform offers you something unique.

Its oval shape gives you the widest range of movement on the market. You will be able to reach areas that you cannot reach with other platforms.

It also comes with two units so that you can exercise both feet at the same time, or one at a time, like on one leg, for a more advanced level. Inside the box there is a booklet with exercises.

In short.

Strong, reactive and stable ankles with only two things:

  • Unstable platform to reach unknown areas of your ankles: Pielaster.

Health starts with your feet.

- Antonio Caballo

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