3 reasons not to wear minimalist footwear

3 reasons not to wear minimalist footwear

Sometimes talking to friends they tell me that they don't wear minimalist (healthy) shoes because of this or that.

And they are right.

They are as they say. Then we continue talking and one of them says that his heel hurts, another one says that he picks his little toenail, or that he has a hammertoe, or that his wife has fasciitis, or Sever's disease, or that his aunt has metatarsalgia, or that he has bunions because his mother has them too, or that ....

The list is long.

So much hidden pain!

Foot problems are like haemorrhoids, they are suffered in silence.

Human beings only see the risks when the damage has already been done, and even then, we continue to make the same mistakes.


The reasons I am often told not to wear healthy shoes are:

The first is that they make you short.

Minimalist or healthy shoes are flat. They have no difference in height between the front and the back of the shoe.

This can be a problem if you consider yourself short or want to appear taller, as Paco did.

In the next post I told you about it:

The second one is not to look like a duck.

It refers to the width of the front of the shoe. The foot is wider in the toe area.

However, shoes are often pointed toe because of fashion, aesthetics or because someone once said they were cooler.

And this fashion leads to bunions, crowded toes, hammertoes, pronounced arches...

For a question of aesthetics, the shoe is transformed into a torture device.

Manuel had this dilemma.

His girlfriend asked him about it and he had to choose:

And the third reason is the price.

Respectful footwear is worth the same as any other shoe in its quality range.

I talked about that and more here:

Excuses, objections, pains.... Health starts with your feet.

- Antonio Caballo

Pd1. To look taller and respect your feet you have the Lems Trailhead V2. You will lose ground feel, but gain height.

Pd2. With these shoes no one will call you a duck and your toes will have plenty of room:

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