Cubatas or baby feet? You can always choose

Cubatas or baby feet? You can always choose

Everyone can do what they want with their money, but there are some things that I don't understand and that cry out to heaven.

The thing is that a person I've always known, a good friend, good person, whom I like even though he is an anti-Betis Sevilla fan (over time he has managed to control his irrational feeling towards his 'colours'), has been wearing minimalist shoes for several years, but he still has knee problems.

When he first came here, he complained about the inside part of his knee.

This is an area that many runners complain about and many, many of them have undergone surgery. They remove part of the meniscus and you have to pray as much as you can to be able to continue running.

The thing is that a few days ago I met him at the village fair, in a bar, buying a voucher for 10 drinks, so that they would be cheaper.  

When I looked at his feet, he was wearing Zauri sandals with his toes in the air, so close together that they looked like canned sardines.

I couldn't shut up and I went back to the same old lines from the first time he came to the shop.

That day I told him that he shouldn't buy minimalist running shoes, that he should start by taking his shoes off at home:

  •     start by taking his shoes off at home as soon as he gets home
  •     that he should be barefoot in as many situations as possible
  •     and that he should do exercises to reactivate, strengthen and improve his feet.

And since he didn't want to spend a lot of money, he should invest it in a daily shoe and a toes corrector, and use it as much as he could until his toes regained their linearity and width.

My recommendation did not bear fruit.

Sometimes I have less convincing power than a priest at the door of a discotheque, my friend said that the corrector was expensive and that he wanted running shoes.

And here we are, years later at a bar with the same issue.

My friend with his cubatas and sardine fingers, and me with the same old speech.

In short, change requires effort and everyone spends their money where they want.

One choice is to buy vouchers for cubatas and carry on as usual.

The other is to buy one of these and start fixing the house from the bottom up:

Health starts with your toes.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. In the picture you can see two feet. One with the shape you should never have asked for, the other almost identical to my friend's. Courtesy of @ionsync.

Pie forma natural vs Pie deformado

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