A doctor mother is surprised by the school shoes

A doctor mother is surprised by the school shoes

A few days ago Laura told me what happened to her at the school gate regarding her son's shoes.

She was talking about her things with the other mothers, while they were waiting for them.

About they already have homework..., that the uniform is too small for him..., that the timetable of the extracurricular activities can't be adjusted....

And when the children come out, a mother who is a doctor says to her:

'Do they let your son in with those strange (wide) shoes? I have to bring for my son a pair of sneakers at the exit because he complains all the time that he can't stand in school shoes, and they're good!'

You can imagine everything Laura wanted to say and explain to her, but she just told her:

'If she can't stand them, it's because her foot is suffering a lot. There are respectful alternatives, for example my son's minimalist shoes, for a healthy and natural development of the foot.'

This anecdote that Laura told me made me think about the life we lead and how difficult it is to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.

Maybe it's because we're in automatic mode at a mile a minute and with the red engine light on,

or because we are so surrounded by stimuli, news, bullshit and so on, that materially we don't see what really matters.

And it has nothing to do with what you have studied, or the level of your studies.
It happens to all of us.

It's as if our capacity to reason had been annulled.

Look at this woman.

She is a doctor by profession and is unable to see that if her son complains about his shoes, it's because the shoes hurt him.

And when she says: and look how good they are!
She stays on the surface. He only sees the brand, the price or the fact that everyone wears them.

But he is not able to see that the shoe his son is wearing is very different from his foot and that's why it hurts him and he can't stand it.

Let me explain it to you with an example.

Imagine that you plant a tree in a pot.

If the pot is narrow and rigid, its roots will grow limited and deformed. Without space to develop fully.

Instead of a big tree, we will have a puny sapling at the mercy of a gust of wind.

For shoes do to feet what pots do to trees.

The toes will be tightly packed together, crammed on top of each other. The body will lose stability, coordination and grow weak and prone to injury.

That's why trees have to grow without ties, with space, without anything that deforms them, so that their stem is straight and strong.

That's why shoes have to respect the shape of their feet, so that their toes can open, expand, grow... in short, so that they grow healthy and without pain.

The "anti-pot" shoes, like Laura's son's, are these:

So that your child doesn't complain after school.

Health starts with their feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. I'm talking about shoes, because they can't go to school barefoot.

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