Why do he enter into the store with super cushioned shoes?

Why do he enter into the store with super cushioned shoes?

When you go into a specialised shoe shop looking for a solution to your pain, the thing happens more or less as I'm going to tell you.

The shop assistant asks you about your pain and then recommends you a pair of shoes.

What do you suffer from sprains? take this one.

You have metatarsalgia? ... take this one.

Your knees hurt? ... then this one.

And I could go on and on until I could name all the parts of your body, because it seems that there is a shoe capable of curing anything.

Even you might even get rid of the pain.

For a moment, at least.

Because another one will surely appear somewhere else.

The same happens with insoles.

If you unload one area to load another, the problem will appear in that other area. That's the thing about unbalancing it.

Common sense.

Basic physics.

That's the way it is.


What I want to tell you.

Tomas arrives at the shop, a dark-haired man with an athletic build, in his 40s, wearing super-cushioned trainers, the kind that look like a boat because of their large soles.

Hoka shoes.

Fat, very fat and wide on the sole, but with the same problem as all of them.
Inside them the foot doesn't have enough space to open up, expand and breathe.

The toes are still as tight as when you wear a pair of castilian shoes.

When he tells his problem, which in this case is that every now and then he suffers from sprains, he is surprised when it is explained to him that the stability has to be given by his foot, not by the trainers.

He is so used to the solution being external, to putting something on, that he doesn't understand that it is his foot that has to do the job.

He is told that no matter how much base a shoe has, if inside them your foot is wrinkled, wrinkled, shrunken... your stability has less strength than a house of cards.

At the slightest blow, it falls down.

And there's more.

Because the higher the sole height = less stability = more twisting = easier to sprain again.

More basic physics.

Where would you be safer, barefoot with your whole foot on the ground or in shoes with a 5 cm sole height?

Well, even though you understand it with the overwhelming logic that 2+2 is 4.

Despite the fact that he tries on Vivobarefoot shoes and is delighted.

In spite of his sorrows and pains.

He decides not to buy.

And hey, the decision is his.

What I don't know is whether he had already made up his mind before arriving at the shop.

Or if he lost interest when he talked to us.

But the truth is that I don't care, although I feel sorry for him.

Why should I feel sorry for him?

Because it's not about me trying to convince him or you, it's about guiding you when you're clear and helping you make the best decision.

In any case, if you pass by my shop and decide not to buy, part of ZaMi's mission will live on, because it's about broadcast and selling, selling and broadcast, and I will have fulfilled the broadcast part.

Am I trying to save the world?


But I can help make it a little bit better.

There you have it.

If you're curious about the shoes Tomás tried on, these are the ones:

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III

By the way, he justified not buying the shoes because of the price, but just before he told me that the Hoka he was wearing had cost him 170€.

A matter of taste or what do I know.

Health has a price and it starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

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