The difference that no one talks about, but that everyone Feels

The difference that no one talks about, but that everyone Feels

Last Wednesday I was on the phone with a university colleague who we had not spoken to for more than 20 years.

He has worked for many years in China in positions of responsibility and he was telling me about some of the things he has experienced.

He emphasised that he had felt the weight of responsibility, that it wasn't all about studying and getting good grades, that something more was needed and he had that.

He said it with his chest out, showing all that he had achieved over the years.

And he was right.

It's not just about getting a good academic record, to get to the top, to the very top, you need to get your hands dirty with mud.

To feel it.

To love it.

That's what it's all about.

You can apply this to many facets of life, and of course, to your feet.

That's why when you wear something inert on your feet, something that lacks movement, something that suffocates you and takes you away from your roots... you stop feeling.

And in that moment you are dead.


You'll think I'm exaggerating, that I've gone over the top with so much drama.

But no, dear reader, you only have to try it to see that it is real.

Take off your shoes and socks, and see how you can wiggle your toes.

Put them on the floor and feel its texture, its roughness and how cold or hot it is.

No matter where you are, who cares.

Life only makes sense when you can feel it.

And for that, just for that, you deserve better.

Like the Xero Prio Neo.

And also:

So that you have more space and your fingers aren't trapped.

So that your centre of gravity and your back are not modified by the elevation in the heel.

And so that you can move in any direction without being tied down.

Health starts with your feet

Antonio Caballo.

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