A Podiatrist's trick to make a flat shoe

A Podiatrist's trick to make a flat shoe

You might even use it.

I wouldn't, but .... Each one is as he/she is.

That's it.

Ángel tells me that a couple of Galicians came to the shop.

They were on a trip and they arrived.

And that the poor man had been diagnosed with a new illness.

This illness should be named after the podiatrist, as she was the first person to discover it.


James Parkinson


Alois Alzheimer


So-and-so So-and-so

And the chiropodist is right.

Nowadays, having wider than average feet is a problem.

What's the problem?

That your feet are going to be squashed and your toes are going to be cramped.

And the things that come out when you subject your feet to such torture: neuroma, metatasalgia, bunions, calluses .... and that list that is getting longer and longer and more and more painful.

What I was getting at.

Xabier, the Galician, has pain in his feet and the podiatrist recommended wide shoes and insoles.

So far so normal, what they usually recommend.

But in the shop, when he took the insoles out of his shoe, Angel noticed two things:

Xabier's shoes had elevation in the heel, what we call drop, and the insoles had elevation in the heel area, what we call drop.
the insoles had it in the toe area, on the contrary.

As you read it.

Insoles with a raised toe area.

I imagine that the podiatrist made the insoles so that the final result was a flat shoe aand that the distribution of the weight of your body would be homogeneous.


This is the Solomonic solution.

A shoddy one.

If you have a shoe with a heel, he makes insoles to match it.

In addition, the insoles had the toe areas very marked, as if they put a lot of pressure on that area and when an area is squeezed more, it usually ends up sore.

What a lot of things you see, when everything is simpler.

If you need flat and wide shoes, wear flat and wide shoes.

Yavestruz what a problem.

Just know the length of your foot and use the sizing charts.

That's it.

That's easy.

You can't even imagine how grateful your body is when you wear shoes that simulate barefoot.

And nowadays there are no excuses, there are hundreds of models, but today I'm showing you these mini boots from Lems because autumn is finally here.

Wide feet and narrow shoes?

Don't do it.

Human footwear for human feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. Wide, flat, flexible, without reinforcements....like your feet: Lems Boot Mid

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  • Maria Tolmo

    Maria Tolmo 10/16/2023

    Gracias por estos posts tan útiles.
    Y enhorabuena por tu sentido del humor,
    leer algo tan interesante y que además sea divertido ¡es lo más!
    Por cierto...
    Adoro mi calzado de "descalza" y la experiencia de comprar en vuestra tienda online,
    ya tengo unas Be Lenka y unas sandalias. Y lo que vendrá. :)

    Un abrazo,

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