Why do your feet need a Mansion and not a Room?

Why do your feet need a Mansion and not a Room?

Today I'm going to tell you about a frequent problem when choosing the size of footwear, which reminded me of a WhatsApp conversation that nobody seems to take into account.

The conversation was with Miguel Angel and he wasn't looking for shoes, but for toe socks.

He read that they are the best for his feet and he wants to buy one for his next hiking trip.

Before recommending anything, I ask him, "What shoes are you planning to wear them with?"

His answer was unexpected: "In my usual hiking boots, which are not minimalist".

To which I reply:

"You know that without the right footwear, wearing those socks is pointless?
It's not just about buying the socks; it's about matching them well.
Otherwise it's like putting perfume in a landfill. Money wasted."

His reaction was one of astonishment, followed by a convinced, "Well, it makes sense."

Toe socks, designed to prevent chafing and give each toe its own space, are great, yes, but only if the footwear is right. Otherwise, it's like beating yourself up at the gym and then, when you get home, eating three bags of Doritos while watching Netflix.

The result? -> The gym "doesn't work".

When clients come in complaining of toe pain and are looking for quick fixes like toe separators or toe socks, I explain that they are treating the symptom, not the cause. The real root of the problem is the fashion for narrow, stiff shoes.

OK, let's move on to the common problem, the one that occurs when you go to choose the size of your minimalist shoe.

It's about the space in the shoe, a common misunderstanding.

Many people are surprised to try a minimalist shoe for the first time and find it "too big", but consider this:

During a walk, your foot supports 20%-50% more of your body weight. If you weigh 70 kilos, that means 84 to 105 kilos per foot per step. If you walk a lot, your feet will swell and swell, and shoes that looked perfect in the shop will become torture.

So how should you choose the right size for your minimalist shoes?

To avoid mistakes, consider two key aspects:

  1. Toe Room: Shoes should be roomy in the forefoot area to avoid compressing toes.
  2. Overall Space: Make sure the shoe is 0.8 to 1.2 cm longer than your foot. This is essential to allow your foot to expand under pressure without encountering the barrier of the shoe.

A simple trick to ensure this is the toe behind the heel method: without tying the shoe, move your foot forward and try to fit a toe between your heel and the shoe. If it fits just right, it's your perfect size.

People often confuse "it's too big for me" with "I have enough room". Don't make that mistake. Think of your shoes as your feet's living space.

Do you prefer a cramped attic or a spacious mansion?


With this in mind, and since you keep asking me about shoes for hiking or walking the Camino de Santiago, let me recommend the Xero Mesa Trail II.

Their design follows the natural shape of your foot, and they offer generous space for your toes to move freely and expand as you go.

But it's not just about space. The sole of these shoes is flexible yet incredibly durable, and the lugs provide exceptional traction and stability on any surface you challenge: from the smoothest forest trails to the most demanding rocky paths.

Best of all, they're so light you'll forget you're wearing them.

Imagine going mile after mile without feeling the typical weight of hiking shoes, freeing your feet from the shackles of fatigue and pain. With the Mesa Trail II, you'll feel like you're actually wearing nothing on your feet, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty and challenges of the trail.

So, if you're looking for shoes that not only protect and respect your feet but also enhance your outdoor experience, the Xero Mesa Trail II (Women's and Men's) is your ultimate choice.

Don't settle for less, choose what's best for your feet and transform every step into a statement of freedom and comfort.

The final decision is always yours.

Would you rather your feet enjoy the comfort of a spacious palace or suffer in a cramped wardrobe?

The health of your feet starts with the right footwear.

Your feet will thank you mile after mile.

Antonio Caballo.

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  • Erik Cuellar

    Erik Cuellar 04/29/2024

    Para mi gusto y experiencia la elección del calzado es un tándem: calzado-calcetín.

    La gente con los pies acostumbrados a grandes caminatas, o a andar descalzo, pueden elegir cualquier calcetín. Pero la gente que de repente va a iniciarse es una actividad que exige esfuerzos a su piel a los que no está acostumbrado seal el camino de Santiago, o cualquier actividad deportiva el calcetín puede ser muy importante. Y en estos casos, cuanto más gordo, más prevendrá la aparición de apoyas en la planta del pie y talón.

    Para elegir el calzado me gusta lo que propone Antonio. De mi cosecha añadir que la elección del día de probarse el calzado sea un día caluroso, en el que hemos andado mucho o estado de pie durante el día. Y siempre probar el calzado con el calcetín tipo que usemos.

    Buen día.

    Nos vemos en los caminos.

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