No creams, no magic potions. This is Lenny Kravitz's formula to stay young

No creams, no magic potions. This is Lenny Kravitz's formula to stay young

Do you think that by getting older your body ages?

I thought so too, but after seeing Lenny Kravitz I'm starting to doubt it.

You see, the other day I was watching the Champions League final with some friends, when Lenny was singing during the opening act. To this one of my friends says:

"Have you noticed the body he has at the age of 60? It's impressive, isn't it?

We all grabbed our mobile phones and looked for photos. And indeed, time seems to stand still for him.

But what is his secret?,


A pact with the devil?

If you see him on stage he doesn't stop, he gives his all, and the same goes for training. Walking barefoot, running on the beach, moving as if the day had 48 hours. That guy doesn't stop.

I'm sure there's some genetics involved, but according to Lenny his secret is simpler: constant movement and personal care, and that includes his feet.

Movement is to the body like oil to an engine:

It keeps it smooth, frictionless and that's what gives him that 20-something look.


Movement is your elixir of youth.

Now let's talk about the feet.

They are like the roots of a tree. If the roots are healthy and strong, the whole tree stays strong and healthy. Lenny knows this, and that's why he takes care of his feet like a treasure.

When you are barefoot or in minimalist shoes (now called, natural, healthy or respectful) your feet move naturally, getting stronger with every step.

It's like giving your feet a gym session every day.

And what happens when you put them in narrow, stiff shoes?

The same as if you put a bird in a small cage.

Its wings get damaged, it loses strength and its spirit withers. It's the same with feet.

Without the right footwear, bunions, pains, deformities start to appear... And it's not just a question of aesthetics, of having feet uglier than Gollum's after walking through Mordor.
No. It's because of the pain, because of how it affects your whole body, from your knees to your back. It's a real mess.

So, my friend, the trick is clear: follow Lenny's example. Keep moving, take care of your feet and you'll see how your body stays young and strong.

The best way we know how to take care of our feet is to wear minimalist footwear.

Coqueflex's barefoot collection is spectacular.

Perfect for keeping your feet and your little ones' feet free, strong and healthy this summer.

Remember: movement is the elixir of youth and movement starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

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