Do you suffer from cavus feet? This is what you need to know

Do you suffer from cavus feet? This is what you need to know

Opening an email from you and reading how barefoot has changed your life fills me with energy.

These messages are part of my daily engine and remind me why I founded ZaMi one day: to improve your health through footwear and transform the footwear industry.

But, mind you, none of this would be possible without my team, that group of cracks that day after day put all their passion and effort to make ZaMi what it is today.

The last message was from Roberto, who says that at 52 years old, he has seen a noticeable improvement in his cavus feet after giving up insoles, doing foot exercises and spending time barefoot.

He himself has seen that barefoot is how he feels best.

That's why he's looking for shoes to wear as much as possible: walking around his neighbourhood, on paths and for everything he does on a daily basis.

He finishes by saying: "I only think about the health of my feet".

Well, let's talk about cavus feet or feet with a pronounced plantar arch.

A problem as common as running out of battery in your mobile phone.

The arch of your foot is not a rigid structure, but adapts and changes its shape with every step.

When you walk, the arch flattens out and then returns to its original shape, as if it were a spring in constant movement.

But what happens when you don't have room inside the shoe?

Your arch can't flatten, so it's always in the same position.


That's all you need.

Lengthwise and widthwise.

Yavestruz, what a thing!

I repeat it again, because of its importance.

If your shoes don't give you enough space, your toes can't open with every step, your arch stays fixed and your feet become stiff, like a horse's hooves.

The result? Your stride stiffens, and you only rest on two points: the heel and the centre of the toes.

This leads to problems such as Haglund's syndrome, metatarsalgia, spur, Morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis, claw toe, Achilles tendonitis... a list of horrors that no one should have to suffer.

Neither should you.

That's why it's essential that you wear the right shoes.

Roberto already knows this and the shoes that he took with him I've shown you before (Lems Chillum), that's why today I'm going to tell you about almost identical shoes, with one difference, they don't have laces.

They are the new Lems Laguna and Drifter.

Imagine a shoe that feels like an extension of your body, allowing your feet to expand and breathe as if you were at the seashore. And with a sole that's just the right thickness, protecting you from the terrain without isolating you from the sensory experience.

Like a soft carpet.

Of course they're flat so the shoes act as a compass that keeps your heel and toes level, guiding your spine into a more natural, balanced posture.

And multi-purpose, just the way Roberto likes them, so you can go from the shopping trolley to the gym, without having to change shoes.

That's what the Lems Laguna are all about.


"I only think about the health of the foot".

Antonio Caballo.

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  • Aurelio Moya García

    Aurelio Moya 06/17/2024


    yo también tengo (tenía) los pies cavos, con dedos en garra y principio de neuroma intermetatarsiano entre el segundo y tercer dedo del pie izquierdo. Usar zapatillas sin drop, con espacio en los dedos y sobre todo de mi número (descubrí que mis dedos no deben llegar nunca a tocar delante) me ha salvado.

    Uso las Lems Drifter como calzado de entretiempo, pero para el verano del sur de España, son demasiado calurosas. Busco unas sandalias que sean como las Lems, para llevar el pie al aire en verano. Las sandalias minimalistas tienen una suela demasiado fina para mí. He probado varias, pero necesito algo más. Las tipo Birkenstock me encantan pero tienen el arco plantar marcado, lo que después de años usando calzado minimalista se ha vuelto insoportable.
    • Antonio Caballo

      Antonio Caballo 06/17/2024

      Hola Aurelio,
      en temas de sandalias para pies cavos, rígidos, con poca movilidad me gustan mucho Las Xero Trail Naboso: https://www.zapatillas-minimalistas.com/es/sandaliashuaraches-convierte-el-verano-en-el-mejor-gimnasio-para-tus-pies/1434-xero-z-trail-naboso-810020075380.html

      El grosor de suela te protege y la textura de Naboso ayuda a reactivar tu pie y mejorar el reparto de presiones.

      También están las Pies Sucios Stone, que tiene un grosor de suela similar a las Lems Drifter:

      Si tienes más pregunta no dudes en contactarme por wasap o teléfono: 693714444

      Hasta luego

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