Do your feet swell?... and other questions that I answer

Do your feet swell?... and other questions that I answer

This Sunday I'm going to talk to you about the typical doubts of this season.

As summer arrives, the questions about the fit of sandals, the right size and so on multiply.

Today, I'm going to explain why your feet change size during the day, how to choose the right size for your trainers and the importance of adjusting your sandals throughout the day.

Think about it: when you go to the gym and do biceps, what happens?

You lift a pair of dumbbells and.... BOOM!,

your biceps are bigger.

It's the same with your feet.

You get up, take a leisurely shower and start your day. As you move around, your feet receive more blood, causing a slight swelling.

You may not have thought about it, but our feet swell throughout the day.

And this slight swelling makes the difference between being comfortable or feeling like you're wearing tight shoes.

So if you tighten your sandals too much in the morning, be aware that they're going to get tight after a while, so don't forget to readjust them during the day.

If you notice that they are tight, take a minute to loosen the Velcro or buckle a little bit.

This will save you a lot of discomfort.

Just as you look in the mirror to check your hair or clothes, do the same with your sandals.

Adjust and get on with your life.

Another common mistake that happens in summer is when we switch from closed shoes to sandals. With sandals you may have the feeling that you are wearing them loose and that they could slip off.

But don't worry, if they are well adjusted at the ankle, they won't go anywhere. Remember this mantra: snug but not tight.

Wearing them loose is not the solution either. Not too loose and not too tight, find the right balance.

Now it's the turn of the size, the eternal doubt in closed shoes, and it seems that choosing the right size is an art, but it is not.

Let me explain.

If your foot measures 26 cm and you are between size 9 (26.5 cm) and 10 (27.5 cm), choose the larger size.


Because as I said before, your feet swell during the day and if you wear socks, especially in winter, you need that extra space.

Also, if it's your first pair of minimalist shoes, your foot may grow slightly over time, unless you have super flat feet.

So, to sum it up:

  • Fit your minimalist sandals right: snug not tight.
  • Readjust them throughout the day if necessary.
  • If in doubt about the right size go for the bigger size.

That said, have you seen all the variety of sandals?

There's a barefoot sandal for every occasion: weddings or celebrations, going for a run, shopping or just for everyday wear.

There's the huarache type, with the strap between the toes, or even with a Z-fit, if you don't like anything to go between your toes.

With a thin sole, if you like the feeling of freedom, or a thicker sole if you need protection.

Very famous, like the Lunas Sandals, which appear in the book "Born to Run", or the pioneers in Spain like the Pies Sucios and the Enix Sandals.

Yavestruz, Sandals and Minimalists.

Is there anything simpler yet more authentic?

All the sandals for Women here, for Men here and for Kids here.


Movement is life and movement starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

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