Enrique visits us with his spark and his 300 Spartan torso

Enrique visits us with his spark and his 300 Spartan torso

Today I want to tell you about the visit of Enrique, a very special customer who always brings energy and good advice to ZaMi.

Enrique is retired, but he never stops.

His daughter runs the family business, while he continues to visit clients and move around all day. His favourite sport is cycling, although he is one of those people who can run a marathon or climb the Tourmalet.

As an excuse to see us, he said to himself:

"I'm going to pretend I'm going to see some clients and while I'm at it I'll visit my friends at ZaMi and try on a few things."

When he arrived, the first thing I noticed was his thick black hair.

I assure you it's enviable.

There are people in their 30s who don't have that kind of hair.

And his athletic body, with a firm, strong torso, accompanies his appearance.

It's as if you were looking at a 300-year-old warrior ready to fight at any moment.

Enrique asks about the new Lems models and of course about Injinji toe socks.

"I already have 50 pairs," he says with a smile,

"I like them because they spread my toes apart and they're great for cycling.

While trying on the shoes, he shared his philosophy of life:

"The key is to move, to do a lot of sport."

"I tell people, if your bones hurt: move."

Stop with the pills and nonsense, move! And the same goes for your feet, take care of them and stay active."

He tries on the Lems Primal 3 in Slate and immediately blurts out.

"I love this one, I love it."

But he didn't stop there.

With a spark of curiosity, he asks:

"Do you have anything to go more dressed up?"

Angel pulls out the Lems Chillum Grip, a stylish brown trainer with a white sole.

It was perfect for him, matching his belt and shirt.

"This my wife can't tell me anything," he said with a laugh, "I'm wearing them."

Not only did these trainers look more formal, but they also gave him a little extra height thanks to their 13mm sole. Henry, who values being active and comfortable, was delighted.

"That's it, I'm good for one season. The Primal 3 for the gym and the Lems Chillum Grip when I go to visit clients".

He says goodbye as he arrived, with a smile and promises to come back some other time. See you next time, Enrique!

Well, why am I telling you this?

Because Enrique's visit perfectly illustrates the message I try to convey every Sunday: the importance of staying active and taking care of your feet.

There is no better example than someone like him, who despite being retired, is still full of vitality and passion for life.

Enrique reminds us that movement is essential for good health, and that taking care of our feet is fundamental to keeping fit.

So, take his advice: move, take care of your feet and never stop exploring the world around you.

Yavestruz, what a thing!

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo

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