Vibram FiveFingers V-Alpha, the twin sister of the KSO EVO for training outdoor

Vibram FiveFingers V-Alpha, the twin sister of the KSO EVO for training outdoor

The FiveFingers V-Alpha is a pure minimalist footwear for outdoor training that offers protection for the foot, but allowing a total perception of the ground, in addition to great agility. The extremely flexible sole (a mix of Vibram Megagrip) is the perfect solution for excellent grip on challenging surfaces, wet or dry.

Vibram FiveFingers V-ALPHA differences with the KSO EVO

At first glance both shoes are the same, but if we analyze them in depth we find great differences. The main one is the land where they can get their maximum benefit. The KSO EVO is an indoor shoe. This shoe has been with us for some time and we know all its virtues. In the following link you can read a very complete review.

parte superior Fivefingers V-Alpha y KSO EVO

On the contrary, the V-Alpha is a shoe to explore nature. His sole presents a drawing based on small triangular blocks distributed throughout the sole of the foot, except in the area of flexion of the fingers, where lines of flexion appear to maximize, worth the redundancy, the flexibility of this area.

The sole is made with the Vibram MEGAGRIP compound that ensures durability and grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Meanwhile, the interior EVA insole offers the footwear maximum comfort. This template is integrated and is not removable.

suela de la Fivefingers V-Alpha y KSO EVO

In the upper part we also find differences despite their similarity. The main one is the material with which it is made. The V-Alpha has a new compound composed of 50% wool, to optimize thermoregulation and eliminate odors, and the other 50% synthetic fiber ensuring strength, mobility and durability. This new compound perfectly wraps the foot taking maximum sensations.

Parte trasera Fivefingers V-Alpha y KSO EVO

Comparative table between the V-ALPHA and the KSO EVO

FitLaces with tancaLaces with tanca
Stack Height (mm)5,74,7
Compuesto SuelaVibram MEGRAGRIPVibram TC1
Odor treatmentYesYes
UsoLight trails, roads and

outdoor training
Asphalt, city and

indoor training
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