Lems TrailHead: Mountain to Town

Lems TrailHead: Mountain to Town

The new Lems TrailHead of 'Mountain-to-Town' collection embraces natural movement with a minimalist intermediate shoe of high quality and protection, which allows the foot greater freedom thanks to the Natural-Shaped shoe so that the foot recovers little by little go its full functionality.

Lems TrailHead Montain to Town

The TrailHead is a casual and sporty shoe with a refined aesthetic, which combines different types of materials and colors to give it great appeal. Despite the fact that some of its materials look like leather, it is a vegan shoe and its characteristics are intermediate minimalist or transitional.

TrailHead zapatilla minimalisa multiterreno

In what terrain and circumstances can we use the TrailHead?

It is a multi-terrain shoe thanks to the characteristics of its sole and a resistant upper part:

  • The outer sole provides traction and high durability
  • Studs of 4 mm that allow the use in asphalt
  • Anti-impact plate to protect the foot from the sharpest rocks
  • Stack Height 17mm in the forefoot for added protection

TrailHead minimalista de transición

In addition, it has a drop of 4 mm, does not have control systems of the tread or stability and its flexibility is good, but limited due to the thickness of the sole and the anti-impact plate, although it improvement with use, gaining in flexibility.

  • For mountain running: it has a thick sole with 17 mm in the forefoot and 1.2 mm thick anti-impact plate
  • To run on asphalt: despite having studs, these are flat and close to each other, which provides more contact surface
  • To walk around the city
  • To go to work
  • For hiking

TrailHead suela multifunción

Who can use the TrailHead Lems?

  • Those looking for minimalist shoes for everything, with a last wide, limited flexibility and high protection
  • The minimalist lovers of retro design shoes who do not mind losing sensitivity and minimalist properties

3 Colors 3 Trees




In the following video you can see the characteristics of the Lems Trailhead in 1 min

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