Minimalist All terrain sandals: Comparison and differences

Minimalist All terrain sandals: Comparison and differences

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy the minimalist footwear par excellence, sandals, many of them are huaraches type. And nothing better than a multi-terrain or multipurpose sandals that we can use for everything, whether to walk, walk, go to the beach or to take a cart and climb a nearby hill. All this and much more you can do with the following sandals.

Of course, all are within the category of pure minimalist shoes, with a drop of 0 and a stack height appropriate to the protection they should offer, as they are multi-terrain sandals.To highlight that of the 5 models that we are going to compare, 3 of them use the versatile Vibram Morflex sole with 10mm stack height, a benchmark for its great adaptability, protection and grip characteristics.

Zauri Centur

The Centur stands out for being the lightest barefoot sandal within its category, only 85 grams in size 41, and for its adjustment system -WheelKnot- that allows to simplify the grip of the shoe to the maximum. In addition, within the comparison, it is the only one that allows you to change the straps easily, either to give a new look to our sandal or in case of breakage. On the other hand, the rear wings or AnkleWings prevent the deterioration of the tapes by protecting them from rubbing against the ground.

sandalia tipo huarache multiuso Zauri Centur

Luna Sandals Mono Winged

The Luna Mono Winged version is the one with the thickest sole -15 mm- and the most aggressive drawing of the whole group. Its Vibram Megragrip sole allows the best grip on dry and wet surfaces. This model incorporates the new Winged adjustment system to avoid the deterioration of the tapes in the back, different from the one possessed by the Zauri Centur, but with the same objective.

luna Mono winged




Height (mm)



Zauri Centur8511Vibram Morflex
Luna Mono Winged16915Vibram Megragrip
Pies Sucios Terra Zip9811Vibram Morflex
Xero Shoes Z-Trail15710Xero FeelLight
Enix 1059411Vibram Morflex

Pies Sucios Terra Zip

The new Terra Zip incorporates a new tying system that allows a double adjustment, in the central part of the sandals and in the heel area with a velcro closure. Its weight is close to that of the Enix 105 -98 grams- and uses the same sole compound as the Zauri Centur and the aforementioned Enix.

Pies sucios Terra Zip

Xero Z-Trail

It is the only multipurpose minimalist sandal that allows an adjustment without involving the thumb. The Z adjustment is suitable for those who do not like to wear a ribbon between the first and second toes. It also stands out for its Xero Feellight sole, triple layer, and for being the smallest sole thickness -10 mm- within the comparison.

xero shoes Z-Trail

Enix 105

This Enix model has the same adjustment system as the other Enix Sandals models, with the exception of having an additional ankle brace that we can use to prevent the appointment from falling into the heel area. Its weight is within the group of the lightest.

Enix 105 sandalia todoterreno y montaña






Zauri CenturCentral zone



Luna Mono Winged

Central zone



Pies Sucios Terra ZipCentral and Heel



Xero Shoes Z-TrailFit in Z



Enix 105Central zoneText EGSNo

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