Altra, new minimalist shoes for Zero Limits

Altra, new minimalist shoes for Zero Limits

This year we have added to our catalog some models of the American brand ALTRA. On the one hand, we expand the availability of minimalist shoes by including more variability in the characteristics: sole thickness, flexibility, weight, etc., and on the other, we fulfill the desire of some customers, die-hard followers of ALTRA.

Altra was born 9 years ago in the back room of a running shop in the Wasatch Mountains (in the state of Utah, US). Its founders, Brian Beckstead and Golden Harper created the brand by breaking the standards established in the manufacture of sports shoes, with the double objective of trying to reduce the injuries of their clients and that they had no limits when running, creating the concept zero limits. Today Altra has been acquired by VF Corporation, but its founders pursue the same purpose and objectives as when they founded the company.

Altra per s shoes meet two of the great requirements that a minimalist shoe should have:

ZERODROP. All its models have drop 0, that is, they are flat shoes or no difference in sole height between the front and back of the shoe.

We remember that we were born without an elevated heel, so Altra creates zero drop shoes, to allow the foot to maintain its natural position while we run. Drop 0 allows the natural alignment of the foot, back and body posture, while allowing a smoother landing, with less foot impact.

FOOTSHAPE. Altra's footwear has a wide last for the toe box.

We remember that narrow footwear increases the risk of bunions, hammer toes and plantar fasciitis. The last of Altra allows the fingers to be relaxed and expand naturally when supported. In addition, it allows the correct alignment of the thumb. In this way the over-pronation is reduced, the stability of the foot is improved and the take-off is strengthened to maximize the performance in the race.

With these characteristics two of the most important requirements of a minimalist footwear are met, but we must keep in mind others such as weight, flexibility in all angles, thickness of the sole and that do not have systems that try to control the tread. That is why we have only incorporated into our catalogs those Altra models that we consider to meet all the conditions of a minimalist shoe.

For running on asphalt, city and roads: Altra Vanish-R

With a drop 0 and 14 mm thick sole can be considered intermediate or minimalist competition shoes. For Altra they are the first and only flat shoes to compete . In addition, they are very light (only 110 grams), very breathable, flexible and with a great response.

Altra Vanish-R, zapatilla minimalista intermedia para ciudad, asfalto y carretera

To run cross y light trails: Altra Vanish XC

The Vanish-XC is the first shoe without metal nails to compete in cross and for trails that are not very technical. Like its sister the Vanish-R, it is a very light shoe (155 grams), very breathable and flexible. The sole thickness is similar (15 mm), but it has a more aggressive drawing with cross-shaped studs. They are slippers with a great response, just like the Vanish-R

Altra Vanish-R para correr por carretera, asfalto y ciudad

To run trails and Off-Road: Altra Superior 4 y Altra King MT 1.5

Altra Superior 4

This Altra shoe perfectly combines all minimalist features, but increases the thickness of the sole (21 mm) compared to what the minimalist market offers. Being a trail shoe, this sole height can come in handy when a shoe with more protection is needed. They only weigh 220 grams and do not have elements that try to control the tread. To highlight its removable 5mm EVA foam insole and the StoneGuard . This 1.5 mm anti-impact plate tops the entire shoe and we can put on or take off depending on the terrain where we run.

Altra Superior 4, zapatilla minimalista para montaña y trails

Altra King MT 1.5

With minimalist properties almost identical to the Superior 4, but with a lower sole thickness (19 mm), an excellent Vibram Megragrip Litebase sole for all types of terrain, wet or dry, and a large adjust thanks to the FootLock Strap . A velcro band on the instep that maximizes the fit of the mountain shoes and allows you to customize the fit.

Altra King MT 1.5, calzado minimalista con suela Vibram para montaña

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