The question that nobody has could to answer me

The question that nobody has could to answer me

The time change in October is very similar to today's shoes.

I can't explain it. And if I look for a reason, it is shines by its lack.

In autumn and winter, when the evenings are shorter, they take us an hour off.
When the time is perfect to adults and children walk, play, run in the parks,.... below the sun, breathing fresh air....

And in summer the opposite.
When the afternoons are endless, they add an hour to our night's rest.  

This makes as less sense as wearing shoes that don't look like your feet.

Although, in the case of shoes you could have a 'pass'.

Let me explain.

Behind the use of cushioned shoes, with anti-all systems, with heels, etc., are the most powerful brands on the planet.

If Nike says red, we say red.
And if tomorrow it is green, then it will be green.

But who is behind the time change?

Who benefits?

At the moment nobody can tell me why, and I've been asking for years.

And as long as there's no one who acts with common sense and doesn't change the timetable in autumn, there's no choice but to spend more time at home.

Although if you have to stay inside, barefoot and with nothing covering the mouth.

To the nose, like the feet, likes, needs, to be free.

And if you are cold in the feet, with Falke's home socks you will feel protected.

So that your feet behave like feet, but warmer.

There are many models for women, children, babies and men:

    ⁃ warmer,
    ⁃ finite,
    ⁃ long,
    ⁃ short,
    ⁃ of wool,
    ⁃ of cotton...

And they all have anti-slip material on the plant to avoid unwelcome slipping.

Below all models.

Health starts with your feet.

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  • Alfonso Cerrato Espejo

    Alfonso Cerrato Espejo 11/15/2020

    No hay manera de que estemos contentos con el horario :(
    O nos vamos a trabajar a oscuras o volvemos de trabajar a oscuras.

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