¿My girlfriend or my feet?

¿My girlfriend or my feet?

I've never been called duck's feet.

Monkey's feet yes.

In the past, when I wore the KSO Fivefingers in black.

I loved the feeling of having my toes separated and being able to move them.

Duck's feet is a feeling you get sometimes.

I'm telling you this because Manuel has a dilemma.

He says:

'I was between my girlfriend or the Lems boots with ducky look.'

'I asked to switch the Lems Boulder Boot to the Lems Boulder Mid in case they were less 'shoey', but still with my narrow leg they make the perfect combo not to flirt'.

Only a few people have this appreciation as Manuel, and only when you look at your feet from above. As shown in the photo.


From that position the feet look wide at the front.
As they are.
As they should be.

But that perspective is only for you, the rest of us we see you from the side. As in the picture.


That's why no one has called me duck feet and why no one will call you duck feet.
Because from the outside they look wide, but not that wide.

Another point to consider is whether this is important, apart from the typical joke.

Bunions, claw toes, Morton's neuron .... or duck's feet?

And your balance?

The more base your feet has, the greater is the contact surface with the ground.

And the more base, the more balance.
And less falls.... like ducks.

I've never seen a duck falling.

So if you want to have comfortable and stable feet, wear shoes that don't compress them and without heels.

Use footwear that respects the wide shape of your foot.

Like the new Lems models, perfect for this time:

Made of leather.
Resistant to rain.

There are a lot of types. Further down.

Health begins with the feet.

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