The best exercise in Covid's time?

The best exercise in Covid's time?

More than a year has passed and the pandemic is still going on.

Don't worry.

What I am going to tell you is something curious that has to do with Covid-19, but above all with feet.

The other day an email arrived with a question:

"For more than 10 years I have been practising earthing, that is, walking barefoot in parks. Sometimes even in the street.

I am from Madrid and I would like to know if you think that in times of pandemic there is any risk of contagion by running or walking barefoot.

Last year I hardly walked barefoot and this year apart from walking I am also running barefoot.

Can you help me with this doubt?

- Manuel"

The truth is that it made me smile.

And not because of the question, it has its logic.

It's because we have been so much hammered on the subject that we have doubts about everything.

In addition to the world-famous problems of walking barefoot: stepping in dog poo, getting stuck in glass, a syringe?... you have to add the possible contagion by Covid.

I would never have imagined that there was even the slightest possibility of the coronavirus being transmitted through the soles of the feet, but as I hardly know anything about it, I did a little research.

Now they say that the coronavirus is not spread by contact, only by the air from one person to another, so Manuel can rest safety.

What Manuel does is a good practice.

Walking barefoot in a park, in nature, on paths that are friendly to our feet... it's a very pleasant sensation.

Your feet relax and you feel that you are more planted, with more balance, with more control over your body.

Most sports or activities where you need a lot of balance go barefoot: martial arts, dance, tightrope walkers...

I used to do it often with some friends.

We used to go to Montepalacio, a privileged place in the countryside of Seville.

A grassy area where cork oaks mingle with pines, and where rabbits run everywhere.

And on the sand of this paradise we walked and ran in equal parts.

Afterwards, we put on our minimalist running shoes and continued running off-road...

Climbing hills, crossing streams and climbing trees.

Animalism we call it, or doing the 'animal' in minimalist shoes.
Another time I'll tell the story of the trapped fox.


If you like to walk or run barefoot, do it. It's one of the best exercises I know of for your feet.

If not, try to make it as close to barefoot as possible.

You know, with minimalist shoes.

The Xero Prio is a shoe that allows you to run in the countryside or walk around town. You can even combine them with jeans to work or to go shopping.

A multi-terrain shoe that takes care of your feet while you take care of your body.

And if you want to take the sensations of the countryside to the city, use the Naboso texture everyday.

It's like a portable nature floor inside your shoes. So your feet don't fall asleep and will be more active.

Health starts at the base.

Your feet.

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