Goes to the physiotherapist for the first time and he tells her something that is to think about it

Goes to the physiotherapist for the first time and he tells her something that is to think about it

"Good morning!

My name is Alexandra and I'm writing from Barcelona.

I'm 33 years old, I've been wearing minimalist shoes for 4 years.

Having space for my toes and feeling the ground is comfortable for me and I would even say it makes me happy.

The thing is that I've been to the physiotherapist for a pain in my back and in the first visit, he told me that I'm losing plantar arch and that I should use orthopedic insoles".

This is part of the email that Alexandra sent us.

She is worried.

Her back hurts and on her first visit to a physiotherapist he tells her about the plantar arch.


The person who saw her is not a podiatrist.

She is not a foot specialist.

And it is the first time he has seen her. So he doesn't have anything to compare it with and doesn't know if her feet have had an evolution.

Finally, he tells him that she is losing plantar arch and that she needs an insole.

Now comes the curious part.

He recommends a clinic where she can get the insoles.

I don't know what you think, but gives food for thought.

The point is that Alexandra went there because of pain in her back, specifically in the dorsals.

She works as a dentist and her working posture flexes that area for a long time.

If you add to this forced position, working with tension in a very small space (a tooth), it would be logical to think that the pain in her back could come from her work.

And there is more.

During breaks and at many other times of the day you use your mobile phone.

What is your position when you use it?


Hunched forward.

More flexion of the back in the dorsal area, just where it hurts.

Alexandra keeps talking:

"I'm not a podiatrist, nor a physio, nor a specialist of any kind and I don't understand about it, but I still think that the best thing for my body is a natural tread and not to put a something under my foot..."

She is clear about it.

She has been wearing minimalist shoes for 4 years.

Her toes don't hurt and she finds it comfortable to feel the ground, she even feels happier with herself.

And even if she spends hours working, her feet are not trapped, she doesn't feel oppressed.

On the contrary.

She can wiggle her toes, they have room to do so.

And the most important thing: there is no heels.

When she stands and when she walks, her back is in a neutral position.

She has nothing external in the shoes that modify her natural curvature.

Her battered back is grateful for it and it doesn't know how much.

And all thanks to wearing shoes that respect her feet.

A minimalist shoe that Alexandra would love is the Vivobarefoot Geo Court.

Because they always look good. And you can wear them for a walk after work.

Also for men.

The health of your back starts with your feet

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