Adolfo's foot pain has a solution

Adolfo's foot pain has a solution

Today I am in luck, a new niece has arrived in the family.

And her birth is related to Adolfo, a 70 year old man with pains in his toes.

My niece weighed almost 4 kilos, she is blonde and for the time being you can't hear her crying.

Her parents are very happy and worried at the same time. There are so many new things to learn that they don't know who to ask.

In addition, everyone gives their own version of what has worked for them. This makes the task of raising a child even more difficult.

You may have heard it many times:

Babies don't come with an instruction manual.

And they really don't need to, because they have their own way of communicating and making you see what they need.

For example, you've been told that you have to feed your baby every two hours. That means no sleep for days or weeks. Neither the parents nor the child.

My brother-in-law tells me, with dark circles under his eyes that reach his ears.

Dark circles under his eyes and his ears, all together.

And that's why, and only because of that, I start to reason with him. I know I'm stepping into a puddle from which I'm going to come out wet, but I tell him:

What does a kitten do when it's hungry?"

Cry," I say, answering myself.

Well, babies aren't much different from kittens.

When she is hungry she will cry. Waking her up every two hours doesn't seem natural. She has her own way of telling you she's hungry.

He nods, but she lets go:

Yeah, but the paediatrician says she has to eat every two hours.

Right. Her paediatrician says so. Nothing to add.

End of conversation.

And this brought me back to Adolfo's visit.

He went to the doctor for foot problems.

Although he is 70 years old, he is not an old man. He knows how to take care of himself and to reason, to see the logic of things.

I'll tell you.

Adolfo likes to be active. He goes everywhere walking or cycling.

He lives in Benacazón and on his walks he likes to see people running.

He says that after the pandemic there are a lot of people running. People have started to take more care of themselves. He laughs as he says it and lets it go:

As if before the pandemic people didn't need to take care of themselves.

He went to the doctor because of pain at the base of his toes: metatarsalgia.

But he didn't like the solution he was given.

He told him that he had to wear a shoe with a little bit of heel.

What's a little? -he asked.

With a bit of a heel. Not flat.

As he tells it, he says:

To me he tells me use 'heels' and yet I see people in my town who run with flat sandals and do really crazy things.

They have even run the 101 kilometres of Ronda with them!

Adolfo was not convinced by what the doctor told him.

And that's because the white coat syndrome is very powerful. What a doctor says goes without saying.

But he simply observed and applied common sense.

And he realised that the secret was in the feet.

While most mortals are blinded by the wrapping, he could see that what was inside was a foot.

Just that.

Not the slippers, not the sandals.

Feet, like babies, don't come with an instruction manual. But there is one thing to keep in mind.

For a foot to work well, you have to use it and give it movement.

Today's footwear prevents it, limits it and even deforms it. So it doesn't work as it should.

And of course, after years of being "stuffed", we want them to be as if they had been
fresh from the factory.

I continue.

Adolfo came to the shop to talk. He was looking for an opinion about his problem.

Apart from his metatarsalgia, his toes are a bit crowded and clawed, even though he wears shoes two sizes too big. Skechers with a lot of sole and heel.

When I explain to him that to alleviate metatarsalgia he should wear shoes without a heel and wide so that the pressure is distributed all over the foot, he is surprised.

He says:

So, if the heel increases the pressure on the toe area, which is where it hurts, why did the doctor recommend it?

I didn't have to answer. I saw in his face that he himself had an answer.

He continued.

I had come just to look, but I want to try it. Which one do you recommend?

We kept talking about the importance of space for the fingers.

That his toes are crowded and that together with the heel causes more pressure in the area where it hurts.

That he needs is a wide shoe, without a heel, that is flexible and with a little sole so that the damaged area does not bother her too much.

The aim is to restore the health of his foot, so that he can stand on his own two feet.

So that despite his 70 years of age, nobody calls him old.

The shoes that Adolfo took with him and that he wears every day are:

Lems Primal 2
These shoes, together with the CorrectToes, make the perfect combo for Adolfo's foot problems.

Day by day.

Step by step.

Health starts with your feet.

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