What is suffered in silence and they are NOT hemorrhoids

What is suffered in silence and they are NOT hemorrhoids

We have a new shop, at the end I leave you a picture of it. It's opposite a hairdresser's and that's what I want to talk about today.

Because working standing up and having back pain is very common. So much so, that it's difficult to find someone who doesn't have back pain.

Laura, a hairdresser tells me that she has a terrible time working. But Juan, another hairdresser, says the same thing.

It so happens that the last two clients have been hairdressers and both have the same problems.

Laura tells more things. She says that her feet are full of chafing and hardness. Her feet are very stiff and her toes hardly move.

When I look down at her feet, I see black boots with a high heel (2 cm, not enough according to her) and a pointed toe.

They look stiff, heavy and with the typical pointed toe shape.

'How can your feet not hurt!' I tell to her. 'And your back, ... even your neck, surely.'

'It's hard to get a foot in those boots. Look at your hand.

You can easily wiggle your fingers, can't you?

Well, your toes are the same. They need space so they can move.

In that shoe it's normal for your foot to feel stiff.

And the back with that heel doesn't have a natural position. You are modifying its curves, look at this poster.'

I show her this:


Laura nods.

'Are you barefoot at home?'

'No, it makes my skin crawl.'

'Then try it and you'll see the difference. If you're comfortable barefoot, you'll be comfortable in minimalist shoes.

I call it minimalist because you have to differentiate it from the shoes you find in any shoe shop, but it's really a shoe that barely influences your feet and lets them behave as they are.'

'You work as a hairdresser, well, could you do it with a stiff, narrow and heavy glove?

No, you couldn't. So it's exactly the same with your feet.

You have to let your feet feel what your hands feel.'

'Phew, it actually makes perfect sense. I have to renew all my footwear, but I'm going to start with a hiking shoe.' comments Laura.

'And isn't a work shoe better?
You'll get more out of it. It's a lot of hours.'

'Yes I will, but when I go hiking I don't know what to wear and I end up with a lot of foot pain. Besides, I only work part-time now.'

'Ok, Ok.'

After trying on several models, Laura gets the Primal Pursuit, which have plenty of toe room and a lugged sole.

She says goodbye with a smile, and says: 'When I tell it to my mother, she'll want to came too. She's terrible with her feet'.

And that's the reality and that's the end of it.

Foot problems are suffered in silence. Try it, ask anyone.

Do you remember the Hemoal advert?

Well, in silence, but in the feet.

Health starts with your feet.

-Antonio Caballo-

Pd. The novelty.

We have moved the shop. We are still in the same street, but more in sight. Just opposite a hairdresser's (Laura doesn't work there).


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